We are always busy accessorizing ourselves with the outfits we wear and our homes too, but what about our cars? Aside from the regular maintenance a car requires and paint jobs; we should try to accessorize our vehicles to make them look more appealing. Some accessories may even come in hand. When you accessorize something, you make it stand out because accessories are made for just this purpose – to enhance the appearance and create something unique. Let’s take a look at 4 ways you can accessorize your car.



1. Bumper Stickers

One cool accessory to add to your car is a bumper sticker. You would have seen that there are many bumper stickers on cars. Some people have stickers of the universities they studied in, others have displayed some sayings of their preference or used stickers to support a candidate running for election. Bumper stickers are significant for several other reasons. For example, they help promote your business, provide insightful information, and help you to identify your car. If you don’t have a bumper sticker of your own, get custom vinyl stickers made now.


2. Hang an Air Freshener

A car should always smell sweet and nice, just like a home should. Therefore we recommend that you hang an air freshener in your car. In case you didn’t know, hanging custom air fresheners from the rearview mirror isn’t something expensive at all. You can attach a furry dice or an air freshener in the form of a cartoon character of your liking. There are also air fresheners available that clip onto your car’s AC vents. Furthermore, you can choose a fragrance of your preference. Now when someone sits in your car, they won’t be uncomfortable in the presence of foul smell.


3. A Cell Phone Holder

There shouldn’t be anything more precious to you than your own life. This brings us to our third accessory we think you need for your car. When driving a vehicle, make sure you aren’t holding onto your cell phone. You should always make sure you have an appropriate phone holder to hold your phone – just switch on the Bluetooth and talk your ride away. Moreover, have a USB charger available in case of emergencies. When your phone is running low on battery, and you need to make an urgent call or send an urgent message, you would have enough battery life to get you through.


4. Emergency Car Kit

Here is another safety tip we added to the list. We all have our first aid kits at home, but we need to have an emergency car kit in our cars too. This kit should have all of the following: a flashlight, cable ties, different size fuses, seatbelt cutter, window breaker tool, duct tape and even a first aid kit. You can even keep a spare car battery with you. These items are essential for you to keep in your car because they are there to keep you safe. Likewise, radar detectors are a must-have if you prioritize safety. Learn more about radar detectors in this Valentine One review.