Because of the popularity and power of videos, businesses today are looking for ways to improve and revolutionize their video marketing strategies. People prefer to consume videos rather than go through large chunks of text. So, if you want to get your marketing message across, video marketing is a must. And it’s not just about having video marketing per se. Your video marketing strategy also has to be top-notch, so the intended results are achieved.

Given the right strategies, videos are a great way to create a positive impact on your customers and develop better relationships with them. Your customers can get to know more about your brand on a deeper and more personal level when videos trigger the right emotions and responses.

So, to ensure your video marketing strategies perform well either with your team or with expert agencies like New Evolution Video and others, here are some techniques you may want to apply:

1. Brand Your Videos Consistently

Branding your videos consistently means all your videos are consistent with your digital branding. This is very important so there’d be a sense of coherence. When internet users see your video, they can immediately relate it to your brand. By doing so, you’re making it easier for your target customers to recognize you.

There are many ways you can incorporate branding in your videos, including:

  • Having a unique but consistent intro and outro in all your videos;
  • Wearing a company uniform or t-shirt in your marketing videos;
  • Incorporating your company logo in the same corner of all your videos;
  • Employing a photography studio that can create graphics and image styles for consistency.

2. Know Your Audience

If you market your videos to everyone, you’re losing direction and not marketing to anyone at all. For your video marketing campaigns to be effective and productive, all of these have to be tailored to a specific target audience. That way, you’re certain that your videos sit and can be received well by your target audience.

Yes, you’ll want to have your videos go viral—meaning that it appeals to the general public. But if you want to achieve one or more of your marketing goals, you need to be more specific. This begins with having your target clients in mind.

To do this, you need to determine factors like:

  • Demographic information of your target audience like their age, location, gender, and more;
  • Challenges faced by your target market so your videos can show how your products and services are the solution to those;
  • Competitor information so you can see the target audience of your competitors and which of those are the same as yours.

3. Gather The Right Tools

You can take videos with just your smartphone. But if your goal is to enhance your video marketing strategies, you need to invest in more than just that. There are tools your team will need to come up with to have the best videos. And those tools are a mix between both physical equipment and software.

No matter what you choose, start with the basics that’ll help you achieve your goals but are still within your budget. These include:

  • Video camera
  • Tripod
  • Video editing software
  • Microphone
  • Lighting

4. Tell Stories With Your Video

Your videos will have more direction and effect when you tell a story. Don’t bombard your videos with too many facts or statistics that your audience may not retain in their minds. But they’ll remember the heartwarming story in your product ads, the inspirational situation shown, or the humor that came along with your videos.

Stories are the best way for you to simplify any complex idea that’s challenging to put into words. With the right transition of emotions in your videos, you may finish with a successful call to action, which convinces your target audience that your products and services are worth purchasing.

Here are three ways you can incorporate storytelling in your videos:

  • Showcase your expertise so that through your videos, your target audience would understand what sets you apart from your competitors;
  • Show a process, which means giving your target audience a bird’s-eye view on the behind the scenes your business goes through in coming up with quality products and services;
  • Get personal, so your target audience would know the people behind the corporate veil that set your business into motion.


A savvy video or digital marketer would know that videos are becoming an essential facet of digital marketing strategy. However, the competition today makes it easier said than done. To invoke the right response from your target audience, you have to use the appropriate techniques. The strategies above are a good place to start.

Take it one tip at a time, and eventually, your business will reach the point of having high-quality video content. This means it drives traffic to your business, fosters better customer relationships, and translates to profits.