40 Beautiful Examples of Rain Photography

Unique rain photography always comes in the most unusual places or surroundings. Normal photography can be done by anyone, but to describe your uniqueness the work should be alluring to clients. Taking pictures in unusual spots or thinking in an altogether different mode even when looking at a normal thing, these are the opportunities to click you shutters. One of the risqué weathers to click best photographs is Rains. Rainy weather is not the perfect weather to click pictures and many photographs may disapprove of even taking out their cameras. The photographs may come out to be blurry, and you may need to use manual mode, as the automatic mode will not work well in cloudy weather.

The best way to click photographs in rain is to use a tripod, and use small amount of flash. The best results are when using external flash and not just camera flash. The next thing is look in the rains from a different perspective. Car glasses, reflections, pot holes, kids playing in rains or just beautiful splurge of color due to rainbow effect provide good case studies to think over different angles. Try clicking close-ups of things which others may think of garbage like broken leaves, an overflowing gutter or tethered house. Clicking water droplets on petals is one of the oldest tricks used by everyone and even you can also try it.

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You also need to be sure to carry proper gear to protect your lenses from rainy water. If camera is too bulky it might get difficult to shoot while it is windy or hurricane is blowing. You can try shooting from inside the car or look for porches or covered places. Holding a umbrella and standing under a tree will also prevent lot of water. Rains produce the most dramatic emotions in human beings. Look out for such emotions. For some it may be a joyful start and the couples might go romantic under the rain. Few people may get emotional as it reminds of someone in their past. Black and white photographs also look amazing in rains. Here are 40 Beautiful Examples of Rain Photography:


1.      http://500px.com/photo/1309557


2.      http://500px.com/photo/11729881


3.      http://500px.com/photo/1809840


4.      http://500px.com/photo/5937550 


5.      http://500px.com/photo/2717494


6.      http://500px.com/photo/2612944


7.      http://500px.com/photo/2285428


8.      http://500px.com/photo/12392459


9.      http://500px.com/photo/32448769


10.   http://500px.com/photo/1794879


11.   http://500px.com/photo/937598


12.   http://500px.com/photo/25634799


13.   http://500px.com/photo/3682281


14.   http://500px.com/photo/3000362


15.   http://500px.com/photo/17590039


16.   http://500px.com/photo/5030660


17.   http://500px.com/photo/33488221


18.   http://500px.com/photo/24254573


19.   http://500px.com/photo/1336828


20.   http://500px.com/photo/32829667


21.   http://500px.com/photo/15940565


22.   http://500px.com/photo/33330917


23.   http://500px.com/photo/11873457


24.   http://500px.com/photo/33672449


25.   http://500px.com/photo/8979071


26.   http://500px.com/photo/20547879


27.   http://500px.com/photo/6524206


28.   http://500px.com/photo/7930176


29.   http://500px.com/photo/21239331


30.   http://500px.com/photo/2299019


31.   http://500px.com/photo/31739771


32.   http://500px.com/photo/755372


33.   http://500px.com/photo/34699884


34.   http://500px.com/photo/21779687


35.   http://500px.com/photo/8111364


36.   http://500px.com/photo/3343841


37.   http://500px.com/photo/24449111


38.   http://500px.com/photo/28133103


39.   http://500px.com/photo/16465877


40.   http://500px.com/photo/1900522





I hope this whole selection of amazingly stunning pictures must have provided an inspiration for you to take out the cameras and explore in the rains. Rain is an excellent subject material to click all sorts of emotions, colors and reflections. Flow of the water or tripping of droplets from the shade even the atmosphere after rains is amazing to click. The sun rays or rainbow effects on pool water, the kids playing in puddle or splash of water when a car roars its way, will provide you with best of the sites to shoot. So take out your cameras and get inspired to capture the best!!

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