A Wedding is a ceremony between two people that are united in Marriage. Thankfully today there are 37 States in American that allow Gay Marriage, we’ll be showcasing some beautiful gay Wedding photos that prove weddings doesn’t have to only be for straight couples!

These weddings photos are both heart warming and wonderful to see, these couples are simply glowing with happiness! From the walk down the aisle to the celebration afterwards of you and your partner – gay weddings are just as meaningful and fun as any other wedding! We hope these beautiful wedding photos put a smile on your face! For your next wedding be sure to check out Stak Studios Photography


Jessica Hill / Via abritandablonde.com

Alice & Chris Photography

Jeff Sheng / AP

Julia C. Smith Photography / Via juliacsmith.com

Binod Joshi / AP

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Jeff Sheng / AP

Facebook/Chris Hughes / Via Facebook: ChrisHughes

Jennifer Williams Photography

Anthony Behar

Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

Jennifer Brindley Photography / Via jenniferbrindleyphotography.com

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