Why bamboo is so popular as a design material?

The green environment is the requirement of the world to fight global warming and air pollution. People are adopting changes and shifting towards low carbon investments. Buying furniture by cutting the forests and trees is still a big issue. Furniture is a requirement and a decrease in forest cover is a concern. In this scenario, a bamboo plant can come to the rescue. It is strong and highly durable.

Bamboo is sophisticated when it is used for indoor design purposes. The living room, bedroom, or even the bathroom can be designed with stylish bamboo furniture. Bamboo can even be used as a wrap around on an arch shape mirror that will add flair to any room.

What are precautions one should take for using the bamboo for a good design life?

  • If a fresh crack appears on the furniture, a coating of paste wax is suitable.
  • The furniture should not be placed in a damp place. It may result in sagging.
  • Natural or organic soapy water is enough to act as a cleaning agent on the bamboo surface. Rubbing on the surface with a soft cloth is required.
  • The indoor furniture items generate cracks and lose luster with time. To prevent it, the oil coating should be applied to the items in consecutive two months.
  • Outdoor bamboo furniture should not be exposed to water.

A sneak peeks into the 5 types of most popular bamboo design ideas:

  • Canopy bed furniture: The canopy bed made out of bamboo can be a good option. It looks more fascinating than normally decorated beds. It comes in both and double bed variations. The room will get a different outlook altogether due to the presence of the bed. It is very strong and can bear sufficient load. The space is huge with open all sides. The four beams are connected by the standing bamboo columns.
  • Organic sitting area: The entire drawing room can be given the theme of tribal outlook with the help of a variety of furniture. The sofa set and the small table may be decorated with bamboo stems as legs. The wall hangings can enhance the artistic view by incorporating bamboo stems cut into various shapes. With a single piece of construction material, so many decorative items can be made. The sitting area is organic in a true sense.
  • Bamboo vanity: The bathroom wardrobe and shelves can be made out of bamboo strips. It can result in a beautiful piece of art. All necessary cosmetic items can be kept there. The surfaces of the items are coated with chemicals. It will protect the bamboo from cracks and consequent damages. The structure looks more glossy from the similar furniture out of the polymer of traditional wood material. Bamboo vanity can be a good decorating element for bathroom design.
  • Textural table and chairs: Bamboo chairs and tables will be in one set. The entire piece of furniture unit will comprise of a single theme. Several outdoor and rooftop restaurants arrange cuisines for the customers in this format. It looks very fascinating from a design point of view. The setting is very comfortable. People can enjoy the evening or dining with the tasty food complimented by this set of furniture. Textural tables and chairs are effective ways of using the bamboo design of art.
  • Modern outdoors: The wide-seated bamboo furniture is very effective seating places to enjoy the cooling breeze of the summer evening. They are manufactured in such a way that it can strong heating action of the sun. People can sit on the sofa set or chair by placing a cushion on the top. These are the new trends in modern outdoor furniture. There is no specific theme for this furniture. But any decent style will suit the furniture.

Conclusion: Bamboo furniture can be a good medium for sustainable development. Instead of cutting trees unnecessarily, the bamboo plant can be a good substitute for the traditional wood material for making furniture. Most manufacturing sectors should invest more in bamboo production. Consumers should also come forward and adopt the habit of decorating home with bamboo furniture of innovative designs.