We live in a noisy world. In order to sell lots and lots of stuff, big brands have taken out attention to details, craftsmanship, and culture from products we use every day. In this race of commercialisation, there are few small startups which are taking responsibility to keep the design and quality alive. And Kickstarter is providing a very important platform for this mission,Here are five minimal design Kickstarter campaigns which are working with craftsmen/artists and are live right now.1- Hidden Time WatchAnicorn Watches is a collaboration with a Seoul-based industrial designer Jiwoong Joong who has brought this beautiful gradient watch idea. It uses the negative space to erase the time that passed. This is their third Kickstarter campaign, they have successfully raised and delivered their past two campaigns.Kickstarter price starts from $154.2- Everlasting Teaware | Alpha SeriesEverlasting Teas‘s founder Sammy connected with a group of craftsmen in Taiwan who have over 40 years of curating clays in Taiwan and we’ve worked together over the past 11 months to get to this point. If you are a tea lover, you would definitely like the limited edition unique teaware.Kickstarter price starts from $69.3- Minimalists Apple Accessories, by the Indigenous CraftsmenMarkhor works with some of the most skilled craftsmen to make premium shoes and accessories. Their last campaign of shoes raised $107,000, which they delivered on time. Now, they have launched these leather MacBook accessories for Apple fans. All money raised on this campaign will be used for hiring craftsmen full-time.

Kickstarter price starts from $39

4- Lindlund: A Bridge Between Worlds

Lindlund is an ultimate ruler for designers. They have made a tool to design for both print and digital by combining picas and simulated pixel measurements. Fast Company called it, “The Swiss Army Knife Of Rulers”Kickstarter price starts from $255- Minimalist Bags Without The Luxury MarkupLinjer is a design studio that makes high-quality bags and watches. They use premium quality materials and work with those factories which are already making bags for top luxury brands. The good thing is, they don’t price their products too high.Kickstarter price starts from $215