Many homeowners install privacy fences to make their lives more comfortable and relaxing. Additionally, some homeowners want privacy fences for security reasons. If you’re thinking of installing a privacy fence around your home, five privacy fence styles can help you keep your home beautiful and secure:

1. Shadow Box Style

The most common choice for establishing seclusion in the backyard is a shadow box fence. In this layout, boards are positioned alternately on the opposing sides of the central rail to produce a symmetrical pattern that is visible from both angles. Since your neighbors and you both view the same final result, making them more inviting and natural-looking than some of the other privacy fence styles. The alternate boards are normally spaced far enough apart to prevent gaps between their edges to give seclusion. However, air can still move between the boards. The drawback of this is that those looking at it from an angle can also see through it. In most cases, wood is used to construct shadow box fences. The type, style, color, and expense of the wood used can vary wildly, however. That being said, other materials can be used to create shadow box style privacy fences as well. When the fencing is installed, hydraulic post drivers can be used to keep the process simple and safe.

2. Stockade Style

The most popular kind of privacy fence is the stockade style fence. A stockade fence is frequently what homeowners mean when they ask for an estimate for a privacy fence. There are no gaps between the boards that make up these barriers. Simple pointed pickets or gothic points can be used to finish the top of the fence for added style. Security is provided by the sharp pickets’ ability to deter climbers. A horizontal top rail or cap can be added for even more elegance and a finished appearance. Many people tend to push the basic design of stockade fences to their limit, so they can gain privacy and a more unique-looking home simultaneously.

3. Lock Board Style

To create a solid panel that obstructs the view, lock board style fences use boards that are tongue-and-groove fitted together. Even more durable than a stockade fence, lock board fencing is known for being one of the most popular privacy fence styles out there. Compared to a stockade fence, there is no obvious opening for growth. The tongue-and-groove is where the expansion and contraction happen. Airflow will be blocked by a strong lock-board fence. This can shield your home from wind, but it won’t allow a breeze to cool you off on a hot day. Cedar lock board fences offer strength and an attractive appearance. These fences are perfect for those that live in neighborhoods with close proximity to other homes, for these distinctive reasons.

4. Lattice Style

A more ornamental kind of privacy fence is a lattice fence, which is constructed from thin slats set in an open criss-cross design. Usually, prefabricated lattice fence panels will be used to build this fence. A climbing vine can be trained to climb the fence, giving you more privacy even though it won’t completely block out the view. A solid fence, like a stockade or shadowbox fence, can also be covered with a lattice feature. The majority of your yard is shielded from prying eyes by the strong privacy fence, while the lattice top creates an open aspect and visual intrigue. Many people associate lattice style fences with old-school neighborhoods, which has made them popular with hipper, and younger homeowners looking to take back some historical design magic.

5. Horizontal Style

Except for the pickets running horizontally, a horizontal privacy fence will be constructed in the same manner as a stockade or shadowbox fence. That being said, horizontal fencing offers a sleek, contemporary appearance. You frequently see horizontal fences finished with flat top rail, even if white is not required. In fact, you can choose from a whole range of excellent hues without harming the overall aesthetic and appeal of a horizontal style privacy fence. Due to the higher grade of lumber needed for horizontal fences, they will cost more than vertical fences. If high-quality lumber is not used, the horizontal pickets will eventually sag. Making sure to never go cheap when building this style of privacy fence is an absolute necessity for this reason.

Stay Secure in 2023

Privacy fences are popular for a wide variety of reasons. Whether you simply do not want to think of your neighbors’ presence when you’re enjoying your yard, or you live in a rough neighborhood, having a privacy fence can help you ensure your home is both beautiful and secure in 2023.