The end of the year of course brings with it, the festive feeling and lots of excitement in terms of food, celebration, time away from work, indulgences and much more. The start of the following year brings with it an altogether less exciting set of feelings and emotions known as the Winter Blues.

Indeed as soon as the end of year festivities come to an end, the new year starts in earnest and so, a completely new atmosphere emerges. One where we are expected to pick up the tools of work once more and return to projects temporarily paused in December.

Except it just doesn’t feel right does it? Nothing clicks and flows, you feel irritable and bloated, work feels less engaging and tempting than it did just a few weeks prior. Lets not forget the obligatory killer cold or flu and the extra pounds that won’t shift either.

If you feel like this as a designer or digital marketer, chances are have a bad dose of the ‘Winter Blues.’  So what can be done to break out of its bleak embrace and return life to normal? We take a look.

Beat the Winter Blues

Beat the Winter Blues for Good With These Productivity Tips

Banishing the Winter Blues For Good

Normally, the first few months of the new year is said to have harsh climate changes and this leads to so called Winter Blues.

People, especially, the teenagers face these Winter Blues for so many reasons like extra triggers in the form of exams, and specific teenage turmoil. Yet no one is safe, adults in the workplace are just as susceptible. Even motivational quotes on social media do precious little to improve energy levels and enthusiasm for work.

It is important that you keep yourself strong enough to fight these detrimental and demoralizing Winter Blues. Try and create a really positive attitude for yourself at work and home. It is important that you focus on what you have rather than on the things that you don’t have in your life. This will boost your inner esteem and will help you think positively.

Winters are normally, dark and dull and this is the main reason they bring in blues. Here, we shall point out some tips that will help you fight your Winter Blues.

Try and Carry On As Normal

In life, it is very important to have an attitude of acceptance.This attitude makes life easier to live and with this, you can fight any obstacles. Go with the flow and don’t to think much about anything. Take winters as normal because they are bound to be dark, dull, and chilly.

So, take the Winter Blues as they come and grit your teeth. Just don’t think much about the drawbacks that they bring.Sooner or later summer will be here and we’ll be bathing in sunlight (hopefully).

Count Your Strengths Not Weaknesses

Beat The Winter Blues

Beat The Winter Blues : Count Your Strengths Not Weaknesses

It is always better to focus on your strengths rather than on your weaknesses. Your strengths will help you overcome any hurdles you face and you should not disregard them. So, analyse your good qualities and strengths and bring them out in your daily routine. This will change your attitude towards living your life. Just win over any situation with the help of your strengths and this attitude will take you a long way in life.

Try Some Sweet Temptations

One more thing you can do is to have as many sweets as possible this season. Sweets and treats are said to be good anti-depressants. Indulge on all the sweets you like because it is the month we tend to spend the most time at the gym, so you will be burning them off anyway.

You can go to retro sweets and find everything you need for a sweet tooth and more, and more, and more. Yes it is a little bit self indulgent but then we are trying to find positive vibes so! Or try and be tempted by some planning a trip to amazing cities to help bring the creative spark back.

Be Positive and Good Things Will Happen in 2017

A positive thought can make your whole day successful. So, start your day with a positive thought. Tell yourself that “I will be happy no matter what the day brings” and this will really work. Just give it a try!

Live in the present moment and live as it is your last moment. Try to enjoy each moment of your life and be happy.

Make the most out of your present moments and try to live in the present. Don’t worry about the future and don’t regret about your past.

Find Some Much Needed Sunlight

During winters, though we don’t get much sunlight, it is always good to get outside and get some fresh air.

You can try doing a morning workout or even try going for a long country walk to take in the fresh air. Try to experience beautiful views and scenery away far from the office.

Do remember that Winter Blues are bound to come every year, but it completely depends on how you take them to heart. Just fight the Winter Blues with a little positivity, a great attitude and a handful of easy treats and sweets.

Further Reading

Once way to banish the bad feelings brought about by the winter months is to look at happy, motivating material such as holidays. Or go shopping and treat yourself for instance.

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Do remember that for the most part the Winter Blues is a state of mind. So it can be fixed with decent foresight. So if you are a struggling designer, SEO or digital marketer who can’t quite find their mark. Consider a few of these helpful productivity tips to help find your spark as the year advances.