People bake for different reasons. Some do it just for the love of the craft. Others prefer homemade cakes and confectionaries, while others, as a profession, find baking time to be therapeutic. Since the pandemic, the number of people that have learned the craft of baking has spiked. Because of the quarantine, people had to find creative ways to spend their time, and baking was one of them. It’s also been a good way for families to bond going by the number of Instagram posts and YouTube videos made about baking.

If you are new to baking and wondering how you can go about it, be sure to have the right oven at home. There are things to look for in an oven for baking, and we give you some pointers.

1. Brand and Budget of the oven

The budget is very important as you need to look for something that is within your pocket range. That doesn’t mean that you go for anything within your budget before looking at the brand. Brands and their quality vary. It’s therefore advisable to purchase those that are more trusted so that you get value for your money.

2. Type and Capacity of the oven

Before purchasing one, you should consider the number of people you will be baking for. How often you will be baking should also be put in the books. For instance, baking for selling requires big and inbuilt ovens. This is to make sure you can place a higher number of baking trays at a time, speeding up the process. If you are a family of four and you bake twice a month, a smaller oven is okay.

3. Temperature settings

Not all ovens provide the same maximum temperature. Some have the highest stalling at 230 degrees Celsius. While this is good for baking cakes and other confectionery, some dishes may require a higher temperature, like pork. Depending on what you will need the oven for, make sure the temperature settings are as required.

4. Baking-friendly ovens

There are advanced and simple types of ovens going by the baking modes. Simple baking modes are good if you will only be baking like cookies and cakes and also if you are on a budget. However, if your baking will include grilled dishes, bread, and the likes, ovens with a rotisserie option will be ideal for you. They will make your baking easier, considering their outstanding baking modes.

5. Timer Options

Timers are put on ovens to help you set according to the time needed for your dish to cook. However, most oven timers are only up to one hour. The time is sufficient for most dishes to bake. The good thing is that ovens also have the ‘stay on’ option, which allows the dish to continue baking in case it requires more time.

There are dedicated timers, however, for dishes that require more than 60 minutes to bake. Do you know that thanks to technology, we now have ovens that are Alexa enabled!!