The COVID-19 pandemic came with a decline in sales for many industries, including CBD. With the numerous adjustments required for safety, businesses had to adapt to a new world to ensure continuity in supply and demand. This unexpected change occurred after the CBD market grew significantly with legalization in many places. Problem-solving, in this case, included defining safe delivery methods, maintaining product quality without most of the workforce, etc. Fortunately, with the constant advancement in technology, this was possible.

How Does the CBD Industry Benefit from Technology?

CBD is increasingly becoming a preferred choice in pain management; it is also a rising alternative to ease anxiety, promote relaxation, and for medical purposes. Although used throughout history, the legalization of the product has contributed to the tremendous increase in use. This shift happened quickly, making it almost impossible for industry players to fulfil customer demand.

Unlike before, legalization increased accessibility and guaranteed safety of use. Essentially, you could walk into a shop and buy whatever CBD product you prefer; the validity of the industry came with branding, better packaging, and variety. The product design primarily aims to attract customers, with scents and flavors offering varied experiences. CBD products were also available in sit-in restaurants and provided as part of the dining experience.

All these lifestyle aspects of CBD were affected by the restrictions on movement. A tremendous blow to the industry was in the supply chain process, and the effect was tangible for a while. Some of the no-contact solutions included the use of drones and curb delivery. The CBD industry is highly adaptable, giving it a good chance of surviving and thriving through significant changes like these.

Here are five ways technology helped the CBD industry adapt and grow;

Automation in Growing

Cannabis is easy to grow, now more than ever. Although it might take a minute to master what goes into proper care for the plants, the available tech supports large-scale farming. Vertical farms are an ideal alternative; whatever your method of choice, the process can be automated, minimizing the need for physical labor.

Some possible aspects of automation include; watering, monitoring the temperature and humidity, and harvesting.

Due to the sensitivity of the plant, the best chance for optimum quality of products is keeping track and making timely adjustments.

LED Lights

Hot climate areas have enough light offering a conducive environment to grow cannabis. In colder environments, outdoor farming is hindered; growing it indoors is the most effective way of curbing it. This, for the most part, is costly; farmers need to use high-intensity bulbs, leading to an increase in bills, which inevitably affects the cost of the product. Indoor cannabis farming is also high-maintenance. LED lights offer the best solution to ensure the consumer gets both high-quality CBD and a fair price.

LED lights cause less harm to the environment and do not release heat. This helps with temperature control.

Ultra-Sonic Extraction

The legalization of cannabis in many parts of the world opened up the market to reinvention and redefining. Now, there are more CBD products in various markets than ever before. You can search CBD edibles near me to find an array of options like gummies and cookies; the oil is also used in creams and other beauty products.

With the growing market, competition increases by the day. Other than ensuring products meet the approved standards for public consumption, business owners must maintain an edge over every other person in the market to stand out. This, in turn, calls for a superior product.

Consumers have more access to information on cannabis and the benefits of CBD. In most cases, through carbon dioxide extraction, the most common method, there are three processes categorized as mid, super, and sub-critical.

Ultra-sonic extraction is a new method involving Nano-encapsulation. This increases the amount of CBD absorbed into the body. This way, you will need less product to achieve the desired result.

AI for Data Collection

Technology has created an instant gratification market, with people leaning more toward customized experiences than generic ones. Fortunately, it is easy to collect data on your customers’ preferences and buying habits to ensure they get the best services and products. Those selling CBD edibles can analyze which product variations have a greater demand, capitalize on that, and do less of the ones that don’t sell much.

The best way to attain results with data collection is by creating brand awareness. Social media accounts, websites, and online stores also increase sales as you reach more people. AI works best for sellers as they keep up with a constantly morphing industry.

Knowing what your customers want from analytics allows intuitive marketing and brand loyalty. People are more inclined to buy repeatedly from a business that can anticipate needs.

Personalized Products

Everyone responds differently based on various factors. The amount of CBD necessary for someone to find pain relief isn’t the same for others. As such, there are cases of an underwhelming experience with pure CBD edibles for those that require a higher dosage. Before you give up and decide CBD isn’t for you or doesn’t work how you want it, consider customized products.

In a bid to give consumers the best, you can get all the information you need on CBD on company apps. These offer you a list of available products and the benefits of each, the dosage, and the best use. Additionally, you can use saliva swabs to determine how much CBD you should take.

Blockchain makes it easy to track the product you use from the farming stage to manufacturing and selling. This way, it is easier to trust in the safety of consumption.


The CBD industry is set to grow more, with more places legalizing cannabis and the product integrating with other market products. The increased convenience and ease of use meet demand, especially with the fast-paced life. More people are also more open to the benefits of CBD, particularly for medical purposes, and accessibility and options such as edibles allow them to access all the perks without much adjustment to their lifestyle.