In today’s post we’ve hand-picked 50+ Awesome Examples of Websites using HTML5. Websites using HTML5 can be a great source of inspiration while helping you to learn more and see some good practises about HTML5 and CSS3.

For many Web Developers HTML5 has been gaining popularity and recognition in the past 2 years. HTML has been the main markup language used for creating websites and other information being displayed on a web browser. To start receiving the benefits of using HTML5, some of us need a helping hand with the markup language with the help of HTML5 Online Tools for Web Developers.

With the HTML5 new features & flexibility it’s now a big player regarding html and is gradually being used world wide. Here’s a collection of brilliant and fresh websites coded HTML5. To learn more about html5 Best Tutorials, Resources, and Tips for HTML5 is a great article to read. We’ve also previously covered 20+ HTML5 Online Tools for Web Developers and 42 Responsive Business HTML5 Templates You’ll Love.

Earl Varona

Websites using HTML5


Babel the King

Golden State of Mind

Websites using HTML5

Big Noise

Websites using HTML5


Lead Motion

Mouse will Play

Malibu Sunshine Project

Launch Factory

Websites using HTML5


Time Do it

Shop Locket

Damar Publicidad

Weave Web


Inspiration Magazine


Neil Carpenter

Thomas Doumen

Tool Marklets

HTML5 Canvas & Audio Experiment

Trailer Park Truck


The UK Energy Consumption Guide

HTML5 Interactive Dribble Infographic

Bear CSS

Code Poet


Ginger Whale

Foundry Collection

Luke Mynus


Guilt Taste

Red Monkey Goo

Rice Bowls


Hello Studios


Creep Fest

The Purple Bunny

Mo’s & Bows



Segway Rome Tours

Sunday Best Designs



Happy Digital

Jet Cooper

Denver Beer Co.

Web Typography for the Lonely