As a budding entrepreneur, you need to find effective ways to drive traffic to your newly developed website. As an amateur business person, you’re probably still unfamiliar with guest blogging. Over time, you’ll realize that it’s one of the things many established e-commerce businesses do to drive traffic to their website.

Through guest posts, you get to gain new website visitors, and the same applies to the guest blogger. Since it is two-way traffic, everyone wins. If you spot a business whose overall direction matches yours, you should consider contacting them and talk about guest blogging for each other.

If the guest blogger has a wider audience, the better for you because your business will thrive with more exposure. You should use guest blogs to highlight your expertise so that your new audience knows what you have to offer.

Many bloggers think that guest blogging is risky because there is a chance you might lose a portion of your audience. However, this is hardly the case because people are always glad to discover new blogs. You don’t lose anything just because a portion of your audience is introduced to another blog.

Look at it from a win-win perspective. Keep reading to find out ways in which guest posting can help you grow your online business.

Here are the ten ways businesses can use guest posting to grow their brand;

Guest Blogging Builds your Brand

The main reason why business owners blog at all is to establish a recognizable brand. Business owners know that to maintain a consistent blog takes strategy and dedication. It’s not easy to publish one article every week while still keeping up with your business responsibilities.

If you don’t the time or the expertise to regularly update your blog, you should consider seeking help from online writing services. Service providers like have been in the business for years, and they guarantee quality content.

If blogging on your site alone gets people to notice your blog, imagine how much more guest posting can do for you. Through unique content that offers fresh insight, you can show your new audience that you have a lot to offer.

To increase brand awareness, you need to get through to high-profile blogs. With a solid post idea, you can convince any well-established website to publish your guest post.

Before you turn to guest posting for brand placement, you have to ensure your brand is already established. If you still don’t have a logo, work with a professional graphic designer on a unique logo that’s simple but easy to remember.

You also need a catchy website address that’s memorable.

Don’t forget to create pages on all social media networks because these will help drive traffic to your website. Make sure that your brand name crosses over to every page that reverts back to your business.

Establish Yourself as a Subject Matter Expert

Establishing yourself as an expert in a given field is an excellent way of growing your business. When you get a guest posting gig, make sure you use the opportunity to showcase your expertise.

If your site has a limited audience, this is your chance to target a larger one. Guest blogs allow you to get the recognition you deserve, especially when you’ve done the groundwork.

Whether you’re an expert in a single subject or multiple fields, use guest blogging to shine a light on everything you specialize in.

Make sure you’re not a guest blogger on one website alone. This way, you get to target different segments of the market, and exponentially grow your traffic. When you repeatedly write exceptional pieces for different blogs, over time, your reputation grows in the industry.

Even though this strategy takes time, results are guaranteed. As a beginner entrepreneur, you need to teach yourself how to play the long game. Besides, there are immediate benefits as well, so you won’t be without motivation.

Establish Yourself as a Voice of Authority in the Industry

Small business owners venture into guest posting for the same reason the biggest brand in the world venture into political, social, and cultural issues. As a small business, you cannot venture into the same areas bigger brands do because you’re on different levels. Besides, people will hardly listen to you if you a political topic that’s trending globally because people hardly know your brand.

However, all is not lost because guest blogging is here to the rescue. The more you submit guest blogs to different websites in your industry, the more recognizable your brand becomes. You might not be in a position to address a global audience yet, but progress is progress.

Every business owner needs to establish their brand as a voice of authority in the industry because people will literally buy your products just because they recognize your brand. With customer loyalty, comes the responsibility to maintain high-quality products. Established brands do their very best to keep their customers happy, and that’s why many people prefer well-known online businesses.

4. Boost Conversions

Every digital marketing e-commerce businesses take part in are all geared towards increasing sales, and guest posting is not an exception. As a beginner entrepreneur, you need to understand that blogging is not always about blogging.

Of course, you need to establish yourself as a reliable source of information, but ensure your posts also help you boost conversions. After all, every business needs to earn revenue to stay afloat. Aside from running Google Ads and rolling out affiliate marketing campaigns, guest blogging also helps with increasing conversion.

Regardless of the method you use to boost your bottom line, ensure the strategies are result-oriented. When it comes to guest posting, for instance, make sure you place emphasis on products and services your business offers. This way, people following the link to your website know what to look forward to.

5. Join a Blogging Network

Aside from finding blogging opportunities, your guest blogging efforts should also be geared towards creating or joining a blogging network. You need to surround yourself with like-minded people because this is how you grow.

In order for you to grow your business, you need to think outside the box, and this is much easier if you’re out there interacting with fellow bloggers. When you share information with your peers, you get to pull each other up and move further than you would have had you been alone. Creativity has to be nurtured, and socializing is an excellent way of keeping your creativity fresh.

6. Increase Website Credibility

Guest posting has a way of cementing you as a credible website. When you guest post for the well-reputed website, people automatically associate you with quality content and reliable service delivery. Guest posts give you a chance after chance to make a lasting impression.


Guest posting is one of the effective ways small businesses use to grow their brand. You need to submit guest posts to well-established websites so that you establish yourself as a voice of authority in the industry.