Design is nothing but visual information that helps us understand the world in a better way. When it comes to design, graphics are the inevitable part of it. Almost every part of a design would consist of the graphical creations. On top of that, netizens and general internet users are always intrigued by graphic designs. So, the demand for graphic design services are also high at this moment and the demand doesn’t seem to take any downfall any time soon.

However, irrespective of the demand for the graphics, the trends associated with them are always changing (like every other popular thing in the world). From the shapes to contradictory eras and opposite ends of the graphical spectrum, each and everything seems to be battling for attention!

Whether you are a graphic designer or an individual looking for some graphic design service, you should always stay up to date with the changing and upcoming trends. Understanding how the styles are changing and shaping help exceptionally well in keeping your works unique, fresh, and trendy. Having said that, we understand that it’s not always possible to keep your ears sharp for every designing buzz coming from every designing nook and cranny. This is the reason why we have come with the 6 graphic design trends that will leave their mark in 2021!

6 Graphic Design Trends That Will Be Huge in 2021

We have carefully gathered these trends after talking to a number of reputed graphic design firms including Intlum Technology. Knowing the trends simply results in better productivity and end product. So, go through the designing trends and adapt to them if you are missing out any of them. Also, there’re some trends which had also been the trends in 2020. So, let’s start without further ado…

Asymmetrical Layouts

Got bored of the stiff and monotonous grid-based designs? Well, that’s quite certain because those grid-based designs have been seen everywhere on the web for the past few years. However, we are witnessing the initiation to an abandonment of those now-irritating designing standards. Well, the dominance of Canva and Squarespace along with other template-based design sites previously provided designers with a good explanation for the grid-based design. Now, the designers are looking for the ways to make their designs more bespoke and creative.

Talking about a better and more bespoke design, asymmetrical layout breaks the conventional, predictable, and rigid grids. Whenever you put an asymmetrical design, it demands attraction from the users, whether it’s the layout, design composition, website or an app. The innate curiosity of the users regarding where the graphics and text would lead them to next will enhance the interest level, which would allow the whole product to sell more.

Art Deco

It’s the artistic movement of modernism, which began right after the World War I, where the “modern” design era has got its name from. This modern design era lasted for nearly 50 years. Currently, two major styles from this period which are experiencing a great upsurge: Art Deco designs and the streamlined organic forms of 1950-60s. But this point is all about Art Deco.

Art Deco-inspired designs are quite inevitable to blow the designing patterns of 2021. We are already witnessing a superlative trend for Art Deco, emerging particularly in logo works. Moreover, the influence of Art Deco is being noticed in the typography as well and the narrower and leggier Sans-Serif font is the evidence of it. The designs made with Art Deco give a feeling of being lavish and luxurious. With this design pattern, you can dominate the market with uniqueness in your kitty.

Duotone and Gradients

Gradients, often called color transitions, are one of the most well-recognized trends we have been seeing in the past few years. And at the moment, they have started creeping back to the logo designs quite frequently! People are not tending to give the one-colored logo much of a chance. Rather they want more colors to be associated with it in terms of some gradient. Well, some of the gradients are the expected combinations of orange/red and purple/blue but the others are using lumpier duotone shades.

With Spotify’s iconic playlist covers, the much anticipated “return of duotone” has actually happened and when the two parallelly trendy designs are likely to cross the path of each other, it can be said that the year of 2021 will surely be remembered as the year of duotone gradient! Designers, buckle up now!

Moody and Warm Color for Photos

The occurrence of bold and saturated duotones has come with another huge emergence in the world of designs. The rise of moody and vintage tones is the result of these duotones. Well, not very long ago, designers were instructed to avoid the muted colors in order to embrace the neon and bold, the photo colors of 2021 are likely to be felt more like the days when screens and cameras did not have the capability of capturing the saturated colors.

These feel like the soft and low-fi photography, we used to see in the days of the 70s. Moreover, these designs can also give you a feeling of the camcorder footages of the 80s! Neon colors can never compete with the warm and wistful tone of these photographs when you mix a little black with all the colors.

Custom Illustrations

A recent rise of the elegant and delicate illustration is a nice break from the years of thick and bold lines used in each and every illustration used on the internet. This design trend is basically influenced by the natural and botanical elements. Quite feminine in nature, this trend is quite apt for luring the childish and innocent side of us. This design is leading the class when it comes to the packaging design where the intricate designs are reduced nicely against the background of textured paper. These designs will help you maintain the right balance between simplicity and maximalism, which is the secret to success for the designs these days.

Buxom Serifs

The fonts (especially, the serifs) are beefing up, while the illustrations are going lighter with every passing day. Sans serifs are not going anywhere, especially when it comes to the digital platforms, but 2021 will surely be the year when serif will excel more than anything else. Well, the hand-drawn and sans-serif fonts will remain to be dominating but 2021 will witness the diversity of the serif fonts and it will open new avenues for the designing professionals to experiment and bring the uniqueness to the table. Serifs are smart, cute, and filled with a personality, all of which allow it to stand tall amongst others and be the next trend that will be big in 2021.

Are You Ready for 2021’s Design?

We’re about to enter into 2021 and without any doubt, 2021 will be a year to remember with interesting graphic design trends. With tech-conscious, forward-looking designers exploring the latest areas like AR and 3D, a push-and-pull is happening quite certainly. There are many conflicts among the designers at the moment since some are using vibrant duotones whereas the others are relying on the toned-down, vintage palettes. A lot more of such conflicts are happening!

But the exciting part is that the conflicts will bring out more innovations and trends in the world of graphic design. And we will surely witness more graphic design trends in 2021 than we can ever imagine.