Creating your own product ad can be a fun thing to do for a number of reasons. Not only can it be engaging and interactive to do, but it actively contributes to the hopeful success of your product. With that said, there will be things you need to think about before getting started to avoid you making costly mistakes. Read on to learn more.

Be Unique

One of the first points this article will delve into is the need to be unique. There will be a lot of different businesses out there all trying to push their product to the same group of people like you, so you need to try and do something unique.

Of course, this all starts with the product development stage. You will want your product to not be a copy of another product. If it’s too similar in general, then it’s possible you could even get sued for copying concepts. You have to get involved in some concepts, but you should try and put your own spin on it.

If in doubt, consider looking at other products on the market to see what they do. There is likely an advert that has popped into your head that was unique. Think more on what made that unique, and the approach your business can take in this regard.

Conduct Market Research

If you wish to create an effective product ad, you will need to conduct market research ahead of time. This market research could come in the form of a focus group which allows you to ask those in the general public away from your business what they think about a few different themes and concepts. There are a few other market research examples, such as anonymous feedback forms.

Market research can help you find out what doesn’t work about a new product concept or advert before going any further with it. You could do a number of these survey groups in order to gather more data. You may avoid a big mistake by finding out what the general public thinks ahead of time, saving you resources and embarrassment.

Incorporate Video Elements

As we mentioned earlier, if you’re planning to effectively market your new product, it will require an attractive ad. A modern way to help make your product ad stick out is to incorporate video elements in some way. You can use assets and visuals to help create unique videos that catch the eye of your target audience.

A few different software platforms out there allow you to edit videos and create some from scratch. If you want your products to stick out effectively, then you should look to find intuitive editors that allow you to drag and drop assets with ease. Creatopy enables you to create product ads in a way that can immediately be incorporated into a social media campaign. Once you’re aware of who you’re trying to target, the rest should start to fall into place.

If you’re unsure about what makes a good video campaign, consider looking at your competitors or successful businesses in other industries. Of course, you shouldn’t try to copy them, but you could learn from their experiences.

Use Bold Colors To Stand Out

You must use colors and other means of uniqueness to help you stand out. Depending on what industry you’re in and what product you’re hoping to advertise, it may be quite a competitive market. Take a look at the advertising efforts of the other businesses around you to see what colors they use.

It may even be beneficial to use similar colors as your competitors to show that you do similar things. This is the reason you see red in brands such as McDonald’s, Burger King, and KFC, as it gives you the sense that they all do similar things, even if they offer different products.

It may be in your best interest to contact a branding agency that can take over your logo design and craft you something bolder that helps you stand out. Of course, you can help them create your perfect logo along the journey. These experts can consider all aspects of your business, such as house style, voice and tone, target audience, ethos, and USP. Once you have your logo sorted, you will focus on launching the new product.

Stick To Your House Style

On the topic of house style, you should ensure that any product advertisement you make manages to stick to your company’s house style. If you make it too unique and different, it may be hard for people to recognize it as your own product. While you want your product to stick out somehow, you want people to recognize it as your product.

This is why it is essential to clearly clarify your businesses house style ahead of time. The last thing you want to happen is create a product ad and then change your house style, which means the ad doesn’t correlate with the rest of your business.

Aspects of a house style include the colors used, the font, the images, the size and structure, to name a few. You should use your house style across the board to make your brand more recognizable. If you decide to change up your house style, that will require an entire rebrand. Ensure that you update everything to meet your current house style requirements.

Social Media Audience

When putting out your advert on social media, you should think carefully about who will see it. Different social media platforms will have different audiences. For example, you will find those who interact on TikTok to have different expectations with adverts compared to Facebook. Of course, these adverts will also be regulated differently.

To create the perfect ad for social media, you may have to mix up the tone slightly. If you search for an airline on Facebook, you can expect them to post their adverts in a serious manner. However, if you search up the same airline on TikTok, they may be doing more satire content In the hopes of going viral.