The millennial or Y- generation is dynamic, rootless and moves frequently from one city to another city in search of a suitable education, marriage or job. Renting a new house every time a move to a new city is made, and then arranging for new furniture is a story you must be familiar with. If you’ve done this time and time again, you know how much of work it involves, the kind of investment it needs and how it affects your personal lives. Here are 6 top reasons that make buying furniture a bad investment, when there are smarter alternatives like renting furniture.

1. Inconvenience with hectic work schedules

The problem of buying new furniture is intensified when you add the total cost involved in buying, transporting and then selling it at half price while relocating to a new city. Millennials who stay and make their livelihood in big cities like Bengaluru have to deal with situations involving scarcity of time, overburdened schedules and too many things to do in too little time. Furniture rental places like Guarented, not just offer high quality furniture rental in Bengaluru but also something that can be arranged within a matter of hours. 

2. Good furniture is pricey

When you look for good furniture (as you always should), it is always an expensive affair. Buying costly furniture can disrupt your monthly budget and savings corpus. Ideally, buying expensive furniture is an option you should avail only when you have settled down in your career and moved into a permanent home. For the rest of the folks, it is better to stay away from high priced furniture by making a smart decision to invest in rentals.

3. Buying new furniture is time consuming

Opting for furniture on rent is always a healthy affair as the costs are always on the lower side. You save a lot of money and time when you are not dealing with situations like transporting new furniture, and then selling the same furniture for second hand in extremely low prices while moving out. Rented furniture is there only to serve your needs for specific periods of time. It helps you save a lot of money and time which you can use for other important matters.

4. Purchased furniture spells boredom after a while

When you buy the new furniture it stays with you for a long time as furniture is usually a long term investment.                                                                                                                                                                                                Sitting on or using the same furniture over and over again makes you feel bored. You don’t have the liberty of changing or modifying your furniture in order to give a new look to your home as that becomes a super expensive affair. When you rent furniture you can change the furniture as frequently as you want.

5. Furniture Maintenance costs are a burden

If your new furniture gets damaged or is broken, the complete responsibility or burden of repair and maintenance falls on your head and that’s a huge expense.  If you have rented furniture you do not have to bear the maintenance costs as the furniture is the liability of the service provider.

6. Post purchase furniture assembly is a big task

Most consumers face minor hiccups and delays in the furniture delivery schedule.  Most furniture requires assembly and again finding a suitable carpenter for the same is a stress. Buying furniture on rent keeps you away from this situation, as a trusted rental furniture provider will take care of transportation and assembly.