Making your home trendy is not only a great way to boost your home’s equity but a perfect route for making your personality shine through in your day-to-day living space. Whether you’re looking to impress visitors or make your life comfier than ever, there are many fantastic ways to boost your home’s trendiness. To get you started on your path toward beautifying your living space, here are six ways to boost your home’s trend appeal in 2022:

1. Replace Your Beds with Canopy-Style Pieces

The bedroom is your zen space. It’s where you begin and end every day, and it’s one place that should reflect your personality in as aggressive a manner as possible. For those that love trends and design perfection, one of 2022’s biggest new things is the incorporation of canopy-style bed pieces in master bedrooms. Not only does it scream elegance, but the way you can shut yourself off from the rest of the room in the comfort of your bed will change 2022 in a way that will make it extra-comfy and revolutionary. You deserve a bed that showcases your style and your desire for a good night’s rest, so be sure to take this trend suggestion to heart.

2. Add a Gym Space

Having a healthy mind and body is always in style, but more and more people are taking this dedication to a trendy new level in 2022. Adding a gym space to your home’s interior will make it a joy to work out and meditate day after day. Additionally, the trendiness of health-minded living has made the accessories you’ll need for a gym update in your home more affordable than it ever has been. So if you’ve been meaning to get in shape, or want a more convenient way to keep your health journey on track, 2022 is the year to go all in.

3. Gray Kitchen Countertops

One of the surefire places in your home to show off your trend knowledge has, and always will be, your kitchen. Not only is it a portal for social interactions and family dinners, but your kitchen helps define your entire home’s interior design. If you want a fantastically stylish, trendy, and comfy aesthetic in your kitchen, the hyper-popularity of gray kitchen countertops will guide you down the right path.

4. Double Down on Design Details

Subtlety in design is becoming less and less popular in the 2020s. Eccentric, thoughtful, and unique design choices are a fantastic way to showcase how trend-forward you are and will make your home feel livelier than ever. Many designers are saying 2022’s main aesthetic trend so far is “playfulness,” so using bolder combos of design elements such as patterns, colors, decorative elements, and personal keepsakes will make you stand out amongst other friends’ homes. A fun, design-heavy interior will give you that extra daily spark you need to make 2022 amazing. That being said, always ensure you consider how one room’s design choices connect with other rooms in your homes, as cohesion is one of the most important elements of design (no matter what year it is).

5. Brighten Up Your Ceilings

To stand out from your friends, you can always look up. Many of us do not look at ceilings in our homes that often, and the reason for this is that they are often bland and unforgettable. If you want your ceilings to be gossip-worthy, adding a new layer of paint or design paper to them is a fantastic idea. Not only will it make your home more charming for you, but it will provide a fun new way to surprise people when introducing them to your home as well.

6. Coziness is King

When you want to show off your trend know-how, being comfy in your design sense is always a sure bet. Cozy palettes that incorporate colors that define a specific mood or style will show off how stylish you are to even the least design-centric eye. The ability to express yourself and the hopes you have for your life can all be achieved through cozy additions and design elements in your home, so be sure to consider this approach when you begin redesigning your home in 2022. If you want a warmer atmosphere, it’s important to choose colors that will accommodate your hopes to make 2022 the comfiest year of your lifetime.

Put Your Trendy Side On Full Display in 2022

2022 is shaping up as a perfect year to go big. If you want to try new ideas that have been shifting around in your head for a while or want to trend up your home’s interior in exciting new ways, you now have the know-how to make your updates a surefire hit. With the affordability of many of these amazing updates, you’ll be that much more eager to go out and change your life for the better in 2022.