What marketing method are you using in your law firm? If you are using traditional methods like billboards, you are missing out on the potential of landing clients online. It will interest you to know that close to 57% of consumers are looking for a lawyer on their own online. So, how can you reach these potential clients? Your firm can land these clients by moving your marketing online. However, you need to be on top of your game with the ever-evolving nature. It will help if you follow some trends to keep up. The following are the marketing trends your law firm needs to follow for success.

High-Converting Legal Website

Legal websites have gained traction in attorney services advertising. For efficiency, you need a high-converting website done by specialists like a web design company for lawyers. Such specialists better understand what your website needs to convert and will create a fast, responsive, and visually appealing one for you. The website should be fast since users expect it to load within three seconds, a failure to which they will bounce to the next website in their search results.

Legal Content Marketing

Content marketing is the other trend in this industry. However, you need valuable content to attract potential leads and convert them like any other industry. This is where expertise, authoritativeness, and trust (EAT) come in. You will need to consistently share your knowledge, refresh the content, and demonstrate your expertise in the legal field with the help of a law firm marketing company. A digital marketing agency with legal knowledge will develop the right strategy to move your leads through the sales journey to successful conversion using relevant content.

Legal SEO

EAT will only work if you integrate it with another equally popular trend – search engine optimization. SEO will make your website visible when potential clients search for legal representatives or information online. Fret not if you don’t grasp how to achieve this in the competitive industry. Seeking professional law firm SEO services will help your page rank high for prospects to find you in search engines. Such professionals will add schema for attorneys on your website, optimize your landing pages, use the relevant keywords in titles, and do offsite SEO.

Law Firm PPC

Pay-Per-Click is another trend you should adopt in your law firm’s digital marketing. In this strategy, search engines will put your paid ads above the organic search results for your potential clients to see. Although, you will need to hire an agency like law firm PPC marketing company that specializes in this strategy. This is because you need to get a good value for money for every click on the ad. The firm will know how to target the right audience according to location, language, and device. It’s best to note that your firm will gain quick entry and be in control of marketing with the law firm’s PPC campaign.

Video and Infographics

It will also help if you use video and infographics in your law firm’s digital marketing. Infographics refer to visual representations of data or information through charts or diagrams. These visual marketing strategies can make a big difference as they will help you break down complex concepts and make them easy for potential clients to understand. You can also use the videos to share testimonials and success stories. However, note the videos need to be short, catchy, and straight to the point. For that reason, you will need law firm SEO services to optimize the videos and infographics to avoid losing potential customers to the distraction-full online space.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is another equally important trend that your law firm should follow for success. Studies have shown that proper email marketing by a law firm marketing company has a relatively high conversion rate. The law firm’s digital marketing company will help your business create an email list and create a well-written email sequence that will work towards your success. This method not only reaches out to prospects but also to clients whose cases are over because of automation. This means that your strategy won’t just sell but also use previous clients to spread your message through referrals.

Social Media

Additionally, it will help if you leverage the power of social media platforms to reach your prospects. You will need a specialist like a law firm PPC marketing company that understands social Pay-Per-Click strategy to achieve this. This firm will know the keywords, images, and the right group to target using demographics. Just opt to do this yourself, but it will be costly and time-consuming.

You can no longer ignore digital marketing for your law firm. If you are still stuck in the traditional methods, it’s time to switch. For starters, you should hire a web design company for lawyers to get you a professional online platform. You can then follow the other trends you have read here for ultimate success.