Rustic interior design is exploding in popularity throughout the United States. A callback to simpler, more cozy times, the rustic interior design aesthetic emphasizes looks that invoke farmhouses, old country estates, and more. For homeowners looking to jump onto this amazing home interior design trend, knowing where to start can prove difficult, however. To assist you on your journey toward the perfect, comfortable rustic-inspired home interior, here are seven modern rustic interior design choices and trends that will beautify your home:

1. Finding the Perfect Rustic Furniture

Without amazing rustic decor and furniture, pulling off the trendy look of the modern-day rustic design aesthetic becomes nearly impossible. Looking for pieces that are comfortable, down-to-Earth, easy to get in neutral color palettes, and which will not look overly designed becomes key. Additionally, a solid piece of rustic furniture will ensure you’re able to relax to the fullest potential within your home throughout 2022.

2. Embracing Natural Elements

Rustic design has always been tied to the natural beauty of the world. Especially since old barns, farmhouses, and other old-timey homes have inspired the look of rustic interior design, this natural feel has become a key to achieving the aesthetic. Add some live plants, woodland colors, and other natural elements and design choices to your home’s interior to embrace this aspect of the rustic design aesthetic successfully.

3. Using Repurposed and Reclaimed Wood

Wood design elements are especially important to the overall look of the popular rustic design aesthetic. For those who want to avoid the potentially high-brow look of brand-new wood, and who want to add a vintage feel to their home’s aesthetic, using repurposed and reclaimed wood in your home is an excellent choice. Using old wood palettes, barn wood/doors, as well as other reclaimed wood products is one of the most common ways to achieve this trend within the rustic design realm.

4. Lighting is Key to the Rustic Look

Even if you get every other element of the rustic design aesthetic down, the wrong lighting setup can ruin the cozy, down-to-Earth look you’re aiming for. Using pendant lighting, fireplaces, candles, and other rustic-friendly lighting is highly recommended. Depending on where you live, some of these choices may not be available to you, however. Finding faux-lantern lights to hang up within your most rustic-inspired interior spaces is a fancy, design-appropriate, and safe way to achieve the perfect lighting setup for your aesthetic needs.

5. Using Spiced-Up Neutral Color Palettes

Neutral color palettes are one of the most classic design elements of the rustic look. However, in modern-day rustic-inspired homes, adding some spice to these otherwise neutral color palettes has become increasingly popular. Adding small touches of color, especially to your carpeting, curtains, bedsheets, and furniture covers is especially well-loved by diehard modern-day rustic interior design lovers. However, make sure to keep the background, wood, and other major design elements of your interior design minimalist and simple in their color palettes to ensure you still maintain an overall rustic look to your home’s interior.

6. DIY Pieces are Essential

Nothing screams downhome-love in the same way that DIY projects do. Crafts, self-made flower arrangements, repurposed wood projects, and other DIY decorations will pair well with all of the other rustic design choices on this list. Additionally, the amount of fun you’ll have with these projects, and the pride you’ll be able to take in them, will ensure your home’s interior is 100% unique to your life. The ability to tell people about what inspired your projects, as they enjoy your home’s comfortable aesthetic, will keep you happy for years to come.

7. Minimalism and Rustic Design are Good Bedfellows

While many people do not immediately pair minimalism and rustic design, the pairing has become increasingly popular with homeowners (especially in 2022). Small wooden dividers, wooden furniture that is not overly decorative, and more centered layouts for the material you decorate your home’s walls with can all help you meld minimalism and rustic design successfully. For those who love the rustic design aesthetic, but who do not mind experimenting with more modern design ideas at the same time, this will become one of the most important trends for you to consider on this list.

Maximize Your Home’s Comfort and Beauty in 2022

With these seven design choices and trends, you can easily maximize the comfort and beauty of your home’s interior in 2022. The number of possibilities at your fingertips is nearly endless, as long as you know how to get creative while staying within the design-specific elements of the rustic look. With enough grit, research, and effort, you’ll make your home’s interior dreamier than you ever thought possible.