Searching for some new services for your cleaning business to provide? It might seem like there wouldn’t be much besides basic clean-ups, but there are several distinctive options you could consider. Below are some services your cleaning business should offer.

7 Cleaning Services to Provide

Basic and Heavy Coverage

All cleaning businesses should allow customers to choose from a simple or strong home cleaning. Basic cleaning is useful for clients who’d like a quick clean (like dusting or vacuuming), while a heavier one might be useful for an extremely thorough request depending on the season or if the client wants to move things around in their living space.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning

Many people appreciate green cleaning services, but this option is still somewhat limited. However, by providing eco-friendly cleaning, you can reach this target audience which is usually willing to pay for it.

To show how you’re making a difference, highlight the cleaners you use and if you’re certified in special eco-cleaning techniques. This shows customers you’re trustworthy with your claims and helps them learn more about your services.

Curtain Cleaning

Curtains can be a mess to clean, especially if they’re made of delicate materials like lace or silk. A curtain cleaning service aids customers with safely removing stains and dirt from them.

However, remember that this can be a little tricky at first. While you can usually clean curtains with special on-site solutions, you might need to dry clean them. You’ll want to make sure you have the equipment to do so or can partner with a reliable business that can help.

Upholstery Cleaning

All homes have upholstery pieces, but cleaning them can be a nightmare. As with curtains, certain materials can be delicate, so you need to ensure that you have the proper equipment and skills to work with them.

For this service, you’ll need to invest in an upholstery vacuum. This has special bristles and attachments designed to use on upholstery safely. Make sure to do a basic inspection of the piece before you begin. This way, you can tell if there are pre-existing tears or stains and let the client know before you start working.

Window Washing

Another unique service to offer is window cleaning. Again, this can be quite profitable, especially if you offer fast and quality work. In most cases, window washing doesn’t require much investment at first – you’ll just need to have a ladder, sponges, and soap.

You’ll likely need to invest in insurance, though, if you plan to do this. Most customers won’t feel comfortable having you clean windows (especially high ones) if you’re not insured. So it’s best to purchase some just to stay safe.

Pool Cleaning

This service could be offered throughout the spring and summer. While season-based, it’s quite sought-after, especially by homeowners or businesses that don’t have time to maintain theirs.

To start a pool cleaning service, you’ll need to purchase some tools like filters, hoses, and chlorine. You’ll also need to get a permit certifying that you know how to maintain pools properly. It’s also good to write up a service agreement for potential customers to sign that clearly states what is expected regarding cleaning and payment.

Medical Sanitation

Besides home care, consider venturing out and offering your services to healthcare settings. While you might need to obtain certain permits and extra equipment for it, it can be quite profitable as heavy cleaning is often needed.

Tips for Starting New Cleaning Services

Obtain Insurance

As a cleaner, you must have insurance. This won’t only financially protect you from lost equipment or damaged vehicles but potential problems with a client.

While many states don’t legally require cleaning services to have insurance, investing in is still ideal. However, if you have or plan to hire workers, you’ll likely need to purchase workers’ compensation.

General liability insurance for cleaners can be found online, and you can usually get it within minutes after applying. If you’re unsure what you want yet, see if an online quote is available. You’ll just need to type in some information (like how many employees you have if any, and the number of work vehicles). Once this is done, you’ll get an average cost of how much you’ll need to pay.

Make a Budget

It’s easy to get excited over starting a potential new service, but you must verify that you have the finances. If not, your business could quickly lose money. To prevent this, set aside funds or seek out loans that can aid you.

Market Yourself

Another way to make your new service known is to advertise it. Some businesses make the mistake of quietly adding it to their listings, but it can easily be overlooked. Instead, you want to heavily advertise this feature and show why clients should consider using it.

There are countless services your cleaning business could offer. However, by keeping the ones above in mind, you can offer unique and sought-after options to your local community.