Now that it’s summer, it’s time to dust off the old decorations for that summer barbecue, cookout, or good old fashioned party. Many people want to throw a big bash to celebrate one of the summer’s major holidays. And for some, it’s important to have a patriotic party to celebrate the return of a loved one. Still others can throw a sports-themed party, or a vintage throwback cookout. Here are some suggested summer party themes for celebrating the Red, White and Blue – or just celebrating!


Yard Games Party

They 1980’s were the heydey of classic yard games like Twister, croquet, bocce ball, badminton, ring toss and even the forbidden lawn darts. Throw a party celebrating all of these awesome games. You can divide into teams and create a winner-take-all prize at the end of the day – or night!

1970’s Style Block Party

It’s hard to believe now that we’re all walled off from our neighbors, but back in the 1970’s, our parents’ generation threw fun block parties that enabled the entire neighborhood to socialize! Invite everyone to wear 70’s clothes and bring 70’s fare like fondue, jiffy pop popcorn, Tang, melon balls, and Twinkies. Be sure to stream 1970’s hits. Turn it up a notch by streaming the recording of an actual block party in Elmhurst, Queens, in 1977. SoundCloud user Hass718 shared the sounds of guest DJs and announcements.


English Garden Party

Change things up by throwing a traditional English Garden Party to celebrate the Royal Wedding or Wimbledon. Use the most romantic blooming flowers like roses and peonies, but make them look natural and unkept. Keep the table setting simple – crisp white or mint green inexpensive table runners. Hang pennants between trees or on fences. For night parties, use fairy lights and votives in glass tumblers. Serve pitchers of Pimm’s, that very English of summer drinks, plus cucumber and tomato finger sandwiches and strawberries and cream.


Summer Seafood Boil

Summer in New England and on the coasts means seafood. Celebrate the delectable life of the sea with a lobster bake or seafood boil. In New England, it’s lobster, in the Southeast, it’s crawfish. Add shrimp, clams, potatoes, corn and lemon. Be sure to serve the kinds of drinks that work well with seafood like white wine, cucumber water, and summer mojitos.


Fourth of July Donut Party

Consider changing up the boring old cakes and cupcakes options for the Independence Day Party by introducing homemade, patriotic donuts. The Simple Sweet Life has the deets on how you can make these delicious glazed delicacies.


1950’s Style

Everyone seems to love 50’s style, so why not go for it with a costume party! For your table settings, look at old magazines and books from the era and experiment with food from that time, like pigs in a blanket. Add a mystery casserole and a jello mold. Ladies, try a Gingham halter dress or a classic 1940’s shirt dress or romper. Get a Radio Flyer metal wagon and put drinks in it. For extra credit, men can wear hats (no baseball caps) and women those old white gloves.


Swimming Pool Movie Party

Have a pool? Then invite your friends and throw a movie night bash. Setup a projector and screen (or just hang a sheet from the side of something flat), throw rafts and inner tubes into the water and have a great time. Think of classic horror movies or classic movies that revolve around water, like Jaws or Titanic.