Autumn/Fall is a very beautiful time of year, even though the leaves are dying the color scheme of Fall is still quite beautiful with the bright colors of nature. Fall Tattoos are an excellent choice to get if you’re a nature lover and love the red hot color scheme! These Fall tattoo ideas showcase some wonderful leaves and nature designs.

Do you know these Autumn/Fall facts?

  1. Autumn has been called the “hectic beauty of death.
  2. Levels of testosterone in both men and women are at their highest in the fall. Scientists speculate the surge may be a result of ancient mating instincts (e.g., the fall “rutting season”) or that decreasing daylight somehow triggers it.
  3. Since ancient times, autumn has ranked as one of the most important times of year as daylight begins to fade and cold, dark days lie ahead. Because a good harvest is necessary for survival, many societies tried to ensure a good harvest by honoring various gods and goddesses. Some societies, such as the Aztecs in ancient Mexico, even made human sacrifices to please the gods.
  4. According to NASA, autumn is “aurora season” because geomagnetic storms are about twice as frequent as the annual average during the fall.

These beds for insects.

This leaf that has lived a tough life.

This leaf that is way too meta for words.

These leaves that remind you why some call the season “fall.”

These cascading wonders.

This watercolor freestyle.

These leaves that guide you in the right direction.

This enticing outline.

These leaves that look like fire.

This majestic foliage.

 These leaves in grayscale.

This head-turner.

These leaves cuddling up to three little acorns.

This rustic tale.

These leaves that want to take flight.

These small beauties that want to keep falling.

These leaves that come with a message.

This holographic confection.

This subtle leaf that you’ll miss if you blink.

This creative watercolor.

This leaf swirling in the wind.

This interpretation of another ~magical~ leaf.

This black and orange cover up.

 This traditional sleeve.

And this sleeve that is a complete seasonal story.

Fall Leaf Tattoo

fall to winter scene

Fall Tattoo on Thigh

Fall Tree Tattoo by Jackie Rabbit

Fall Tree Tattoo by Jackie Rabbit

Fall Leaves Tattoo

Autumn Leaves Sleeve Sleeeaves

Fall Tattoo

Autumn tattoo

Bless me father, for i sinned. Let my sins be gone with wind

Autumn Leaves Flew By

Autumn Tree Half Sleeve

Nishiki koi .Kyoto,Autumn

Fall Tattoo

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