Creating a home without walls or ceilings sounds like a bizarre task, Fernanda Marques decided to create this so her home would be one with nature, to build this made a big risk by building a 2,700 sq ft (250 sq m) home which wasn’t finished walls or ceilings, just the basic framework.

This modern home without walls of ceilings is located in São Paulo, Brazil, which is an ideal place have an open house to relish bright summer days. To make the home seamless with the environment, it was built with Limestone, rough stone, steel, glass, wood paneling and outdoor furnishings to protect is from the elements. When you’re staying in this house you never know if you’re inside or out. Fernanda says:

I believe that being inside and feeling like one is outside is a key issue in understanding the interior design being produced today, especially In times when environmental awareness is growing and there is a desire to be close to nature.

house-with-no-walls-ceiling-001 house-with-no-walls-ceiling-002 house-with-no-walls-ceiling-003 house-with-no-walls-ceiling-004 house-with-no-walls-ceiling-005 house-with-no-walls-ceiling-006 house-with-no-walls-ceiling-007 house-with-no-walls-ceiling-008

Fernanda Marques’ website via [Plus Mood]