With winter incoming, you wish to be cool – metaphorically, in fact. Russian tattoo mannequin Teya Salat has simply the factor for you – animal ski masks. Now you possibly can seem like a bandit who’s extraordinarily hip with the web, as even a Grumpy cat balaclava is obtainable. Sarcastically, the raccoon masks recreates the a part of their face that appears the least like a bandit.

The identify “balaclava” comes from the Crimean warfare. Through the 1854 Battle for Balaclava (fought close to Balaklava- discover the distinction), the British troops have been dealing with a chilly Crimean winter. Missing correct clothes, they had been nonetheless issued hand-knitted face masks. The masks had been beforehand often called Uhlan or Templar caps. The battle additionally noticed the notorious Cost of the Gentle Brigade.

More Info: teyasalat.com (h/t: boredpanda)