Wedding rings are forever, just like the relationship it binds.

One of the most exciting part for every girl is the prospect of buying her wedding ring. It needs to go with her style, personality, and the design has to last a lifetime. If you want Instagram-worthy wedding rings, you need to go beyond the classic solitaires. You can experiment with the stones, metals and the design.

If you are looking for a unique design, here are some of the ideas that can set it apart. Make sure everyone notices that sparkle on your finger.

How about adding a little pop of colour to your ring?

The Sazerac ring gives you a beautiful setting of amethyst and diamonds in an 18 carat white gold setting. The ring is sure to make everyone feel awed by the look, colour and design. It’s unconventional and unique. The diamonds are used in such a way that they bring out the beauty of amethyst and add a dash of colour in the otherwise white setting. You can buy the ring here at Bluestone.

Square band setting

A square band ring doesn’t just look sleek; it also accentuates the stone setting and feels comfortable on your finger.

Diamonds cuts

If you want to stick to diamonds only, then why not try a different cut? Solitaire rings come in various sizes and different cuts. A pear shaped diamond or a square one sets your wedding ring apart from the others. You can buy the ring here at Caratlane.

Go vintage this season!

Vintage rings have become the trend today. You can always opt for a Victorian ring or an art deco flair ring. The ring has that heirloom quality to it and looks timeless at the same time.

Elaborate side views

When choosing the metal and the stone, also look for bands which have intricate designs on it. This would ensure that your wedding ring would look beautiful from all the angles.

Twisted bands with delicate settings

How about having a wedding ring that looks twisted and yet is full of diamonds? It provides the ring an artistic look.

The split shank setting

This setting is when the band parts as it reaches the centre, proving a visible gap between the diamonds and the band. This makes the ring look more ornate and huge.

Detachable rings

How about having a wedding ring which is detachable? Such rings can serve two purposes: you can wear it daily in the simple form and in addition you can jazz it up when you go to the parties.

Image Source: Pexels