Blogs, Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest — they all have something in common. While their main mission or goal might be different, they all have accomplished a huge success all over the globe. The thing that all of those social platforms have in common is pictures — photography, memes, art. It’s all different but also wildly desired. Sticking strictly to photography, you can see so many various styles, colors artistic effects, it’s hard to pick a favorite. But while it’s easy to like the look of some, when you have a page or a platform to share them, and you want to be noticed, different rules apply.

What to consider

You won’t gather thousands of fans or followers if you keep your posts all over the place. If you’re not doing online tutorials or courses, I’d strongly advise you to keep your profile consistent and clean. Don’t jump around from style to style, muffled colors to rich and loud ones. Find the joy of reason and order.

Pleasant, natural & unconventional

While all of us are used to portraits, landscapes or photoshop edits, you can try to stick out of the crowd by posting something that’s still new. What do you think about 360 product photography? Not only does it look cool, but it also generates more interactive behavior. We all like to click on the 360 pics or see what’s on the other side when watching a YouTube music video. It’s simple — we all like to interact with something new, so it’s a good way to start. That way you will get out of others’ comfort zone and have a lesser number of competitors.

People, characters and humans

Portraits, shots and other preservation of human nature are a perfect way of showing beauty, emotions, fashion or start the conversation about a popular problem. We all have insecurities, we all love to see beautiful human beings or hear their happy-ending stories. It’s in our nature to seek someone we will adore, relate to or just be content to know their opinion. There’s a wide spectrum of what you can post: spontaneous photographs of people in the move, models posing, pictures of the art with people on it or other human-like edits. They’re not revolutionary, but they’re still attractive for others to watch and adore.

Journeys, landscapes, and dreams

For travelers, the simplest way to gain new followers is to post what they see. Pristine beaches, foggy mountains, sunrises, any nature wonder — those act like a magnet for any page or account. Quick shots of the beautiful landscapes are easy to take, don’t need much editing but, luckily, are spectacular. Always in trend, forever beautiful, those are hot stuff in the market. With this one, it’s the idea that counts. With so many other artists that use such photos, it’s important to have something that will make your creations special. Maybe it’s perspective, perhaps it means searching places no-one really cared for before. The opportunities lay ahead, so go and find them. You will be surprised how much you can show and how much different reactions you might have. Are you ready to be loved and adored?