15. Man’s Best Friend

Image: Soulful

When it comes to dogs, they truly are man’s best friend. Not only do they shower you with unconditional love, but they can be there for you when you least expect it. For Jake Atkins his bond with his chocolate lab, Otis couldn’t be put into words. And this bond would seriously be put to the test when a duck-hunting outing unexpectedly turned south.

14. The Perfect Day for the Hunt

Image: Youtube/Inside Edition

It was a cool November morning when Jake, his best friend and good ‘ole Otis decided to spend the day doing some duck hunting. With the weather perfect for an adventure, both Jack and his friend were in good spirits, hoping to come away with some trophies. Unfortunately, their plans were about to be nosedive.

13. The Joy of Duck Hunting

Image: Grandview Outdoors

Duck hunting has risen to popularity over the years with more young people taking up the sport than ever. It seems you can thank the show Duck Dynasty for that. For Jake, there was no better way to spend the day. Sadly, he was going to wish he had just stayed home.

12. An Unseen Danger

Image: NOAA

As Jake and his friend approached a muddy expanse in the marsh, they knew something seemed a little off. The ground seemed super soft for the time of year and the way it moved didn’t seem sturdy. However, due to the rains, they shrugged it off and kept walking. This would end up being their first mistake.

11. One Wrong Step

Image: YouTube

The minute Jake and his pal stepped onto the mud they both sank about knee-deep. Shocked and confused, they were unsure on what to do. It was then they tried to wiggle their way free, which would be their second mistake of the day.

What were the boys going to do to escape this mess?

10. Sinking Even Further

Image: Youtube/Inside Edition

Jake explained to the local media, “We were walking pretty much side by side, and we both kind of sank to knee-depth in the mud. Then, we tried to wiggle ourselves out, and then, we ended up being waist-deep.”

Unfortunately, what happens next could have been avoided.

9. Panicked with Nowhere to Go

Image: WAPT

Realizing the more they struggled, the deeper they would sink, the boys found themselves in quite the predicament. However, Jake found some comfort with Otis by his side, who was so light, he wasn’t at risk for sinking into the mud.

So how were the boys going to escape?

8. Calling the Police

Image: KTUL

Jake immediately reached for his gear and dialed 9-1-1 begging with the police to send help. Now all they could do was wait, but they could feel themselves slowly sinking deeper.

Would the rescue reach them in time?

7. Help Finally Arrives

Image: City of Westlake

When the police and fire department arrived, they surveyed the situation and determined they couldn’t send any of their men out to retrieve the boys. Due to the instability of the ground, they believed anyone who went out onto the mud would sink as well. The police and firemen brainstormed on what to do and came to the same conclusion…they would have to send Otis.

6. Otis to the Rescue

Image: Youtube/Inside Edition

The police realized that Jake’s trusty canine would be their best option in retrieving the boys. A plan was devised to send Otis out onto the muddy expanse with a rope he could take to them. They would then tie the rope around their body and the police would pull them to safety.

The big question was…could Otis understand what needed to be done?

5. That’s One Sharp Dog

Image: Fat News

Thankfully, Otis was a smart pup and had a love for fetch, which made the entire process much easier. Otis first took the rope to Jake’s friend and in moments he was pulled free from the thick cement-like mud.

Next, it would be Jake’s turn and you won’t believe what Otis did.

4. Stand By Me

Image: YouTube/Inside Edition

When Otis went out on the mud for a second time, he made sure to stay by Jake’s side throughout his entire rescue. The gear was even rescued unscathed as well. To say these boys were lucky to be alive is an understatement.

3. Beyond Thankful

Image: YouTube/Inside Edition

Jake told the local news that he doesn’t know what he would have done if Otis hadn’t been there. He was a comfort in a very terrifying situation and in the end he had freed his master from what could have been his muddy tomb.

2. Some Facts Regarding Quicksand

Image: RedLabs

It’s been theorized that Jake and his friend encountered a type of quicksand, which occurs when water and sand mix together over time. While the surface of the sand appears to be a solid mass, when pressure is applied it liquefies, causing the person or animal to sink. It’s important to realize that people don’t drown in quicksand due to the higher density of the fluid, but it can be very hard to free yourself from it.

1. Alive to Play Another Day

Image: YouTube/Inside Edition

We think that Jake will think twice about walking out onto mud from now on. We hope he and Otis have many more grand adventures together. Hopefully they’ll actually snag some ducks next time!