Typography is an important element in design, this Typography Infographic is useful and beneficial for designers. By using different fonts and styles you can create something special making your designs standout. As designers it’s important we keep learning and discovering about the tools we work with, today we’re proud to bring you this Typography Inforgraphic called ‘A Little Typography Guide’.

Typographical infographics are much more than simple pictures with captivating statistics. These creations enhance the world of creativity and artistry through their precision and succinctness. With the help of elegant design and familiar associations, they turn complex graphics into easily digestible messages. Just don’t be afraid of experimenting with letters and stunning design approaches. Choose the composition and layout that reflects your theme best and let your imagination fly.

This Typography Guide will go through some fun facts about typography including Anatomy of Type, Typefaces, Styles and some history behind today’s most popular fonts. If you find this infographic useful please share it. Infographic Embed code is below.

Typography Infographic