Something Strange

Image: Bristol Post

It was supposed to be a normal day working in his garden for Dom Lowe of Bristol. However, while digging he made a startling discovery that would lead to a shocking conclusion.

You won’t believe what he found in the depths of his backyard that forced him to call the police in a complete panic.

The Joys of Gardening

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Gardening is becoming quite a popular hobby around the world. Not only does it give someone time to work with their hands outside, but you can allow your creativity to soar when choosing which perennials to plant.

Gardening Benefits

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Gardening is also known to have a wide range of health benefits. According to studies, people who garden tend to have less stress, enjoy a healthy dose of Vitamin D, and in general are happier people.

An American in England

Image: Facebook/Dom Lowe

It was April of 2018 when Dom Lowe decided he wanted to tend to his garden. Originally from Los Angeles, he had moved to just outside of Bristol, England to manage a brewery before he retired.

However, he would soon find out that this wouldn’t be a normal morning in his garden.

Famous Gardens in England

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England is known for having some of the most stunning gardens in the world. The Biddulph Grange Garden in Staffordshire is one of the most unique with its England meets Asian influence. As you can see, gardens are a huge part of the culture in England.

Beautiful Day for Hard Work

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Choosing to take advantage of the beautiful morning weather, Dom and his son Jon decided to work a bit in his garden. However, while digging in the soil the came upon a deep void in the ground.

What could it be?

Digging a Hole

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Both Dom and Jon had been attempting to dig out an area where they could install a fence in the garden, but now their curiosity had been piqued. Is it possible some sort of buried treasure was deep within the pit?

Well, it wouldn’t be long before they found out.

A Suprise Discovery

Image: Scribol

As they continued to dig in the hole, they soon unearthed a whole lot of vintage items. Glass bottles, debris, metal irons and even a gravy tin. Definitely, nothing that had any worth for sure.

It was then they pulled something out of the hole that was quite odd…

An Alarming Find

Image: Bristol Post

At first, Dom couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Could his son actually be holding the fin from the end of a bomb? It was then things took a turn for the terrifying because Jon went back into the hole and pulled out something that sent shivers down his father’s spine.

The Bomb

Image: Bristol Post

Jon had pulled out what looked to be an intact, unexploded bomb from the hole in his father’s garden. And upon closer inspection, it looked like it came from World War II, which made sense since Bristol was one of the most-bombed cities during that time.

The Bombing of Bristol

Image: Scribol

Between November 1940 and April 1941, Bristol was the victim of six different bombing raids and 77 mini-raids that killed over 1,300 people. Another 700 victims would end up being pulled from the rubble of what was left of the city.

November 24, 1940

Image: Paul Townsend

November 24, 1940, was the first day the bombing raids began. Over 12,000 incendiary explosives would rain down on Bristol from German planes. There would be 207 people who lost their lives that night, with many iconic landmarks reduced to rubble.

12 Hours of Terror

Image: Paul Townsend

It wouldn’t be until January 1941 when Bristol would suffer from one of the longest bombing raids of the war. For 12 hours straight, the German air force terrorized the people of Bristol, destroying homes and landmarks in the process.

Codename: Satan

Image: FivePrimer

The Germans would also release the fire and fury of its largest bomb, nicknamed “Satan.” Weighing over 4,400 pounds, the bomb would have brought total destruction. Thankfully, it malfunctioned and Bristol was spared complete annihilation.

Damage Beyond Repair

Image: Paul Townsend

Aerial attacks would continue for three years and ended in May of 1944. Overall, 89,000 buildings in Bristol were damaged and 81,000 homes were completely destroyed. It was a very difficult time for the people and it would take years for the city to recover and rebuild.

Explosive Surprise

Image: Bristol Post

Based on Bristol’s sordid history, the fact Dom and his son found an explosive was not uncommon. Though it certainly was a surprise to them. “Jon didn’t know what it was. But then I said, ‘That looks like part of a bomb to me,’” Dom told the Bristol Post. “He handed it over straight away.”

Diving for Cover

Image: Scribol

Thankfully, they didn’t panic and placed the bomb on the fence they were building ever-so-gently. Of course, it fell off and Dom and Jon dove for cover in a panic. They were terrified the bomb would suddenly explode after years of being dormant.

Hands Off

Image: Bristol Post

Thankfully, nothing happened. The bomb lay quietly in the dirt. Of course, Dom wasn’t taking any chances and decided they needed to bring in the professionals. He quickly phoned in the police, which dispatched two officers who then decided a bomb disposal squad would be necessary.

Bomb Disposal to the Rescue

Image: Bristol Post

It didn’t take long for a member of the Royal Logistic Corps’ bomb unit to arrive. He immediately confirmed that the bomb was indeed from World War II and was a genuine explosive used by the Germans during the bombing of Bristol.

Examining the Bomb

Image: Bristol

The expert decided it was important to perform an X-ray on the bomb to determine if it was still active. Thankfully, the procedure confirmed that the bomb was completely harmless and had no chance of exploding by mistake.

Hinder Clean Ops

Image: Bristol Post

According to the Royal Logistic Corps’ team member, during the bombings in World War II, the Germans would also release inactive devices after they completed their initial bombing runs.

But why would they waste the time?

Fake Out

Image: Stafford Street

According to the bomb expert, the Germans wanted to hinder Bristol’s clean-up operations. Therefore, the inert bombs would slow down the entire recovery process.

Talk about shady!

Memorable Souvenir

Image: Bristol Post

Since the bomb was deemed safe, the officers had no problem allowing Dom and his son to keep it. They considered it to be quite the souvenir and a once-in-a-lifetime find!

A Reminder of Past Horrors

Image: Paul Townsend

However, the bomb was also a painful reminder from Bristol’s past. A time when the city was almost completely destroyed by the Germans. However, it was also a testament to the strength of the city’s people and their determination to press on.

A Piece of History

Image: Best of Bristol

While most people don’t dig up bombs in their gardens on a daily basis, the Lowe’s did have the opportunity to unearth a wonderful piece of history. It’s was definitely a learning experience for both father and son, and we doubt they will forget that day anytime soon.