A wedding is one of the happiest days of a woman’s life, where – and let’s be honest here – most of the attention is geared toward the bride. Naturally, all ladies wish to look their absolute best on this special day, and this can be easily attained by accessorizing your look in the right manner. While some brides opt for a timeless style, others like to browse through modern trends which resonate their personality. Modern brides often give pearls the cold shoulder for being too old-fashioned. But in reality, you can add a greater flair to your contemporary look by pairing it with the right set of pearls. Today, we are going to browse through some Insta-worthy styles that even a modern bridezilla could get on board with.

  • The neckline of your wedding gown can be a deciding factor of the kind of accessory you chose to go with it. Square, V-neck, Off-the-shoulder and strapless neckline gowns look incomplete unless they are accessorized properly. You can nail an elegant look by donning a single or double strand of pearls which can either be worn as a choker or a longer necklace. The choker length looks best when worn on a bateau neck gown as it can highlight your neck and collar bones magnanimously.
  • While white pearls with white gowns were a big thing during the Victorian age, you are most welcome to play around with colors. A mix of black and white stands or the ones in rainbow hues can sign you off as a stylish trendsetter.
  • Brides who are not very keen on wearing heavy neckpieces can also make a statement by wearing the pearl singularly as a pendant. The baroque pearl is slowly emerging as the next big thing of bridal fashion courtesy its intriguing shape which can amp up your social media feed in no time. Simple pendants look best on halter cuts as you can slip on the chain easily under your dress. Alternatively, you can paint a stylish picture by wearing a chain studded with graduated pearls lying at its front.
  • Every bride is different. While some wish to keep it simple, others have an affinity towards complicated styles. If you fall into the later category and opt for an illusion, Queen-Anne, high-neck or jewel-neck gown on your special day, then you can give pearl necklaces a miss for classy earpieces.
  • While studs can serve as a safe bet, you can channel edgy vibes by wearing mismatched earrings. There also lies numerous options of embellishing your simple studs by choosing designs with gemstone or diamond add-ons for that extra bling. Small studs look best on Queen Anne neckline; however, you can easily work a pair of drop earrings provided the drop is not too long.
  • Pearl drop earrings also come in a variety of colors and styles for blending in with your enigmatic persona. While the chandelier dripping pearl strands with diamond accents can be the main talking-point of your wedding, the white oval beauties studded in rose gold and smattered with diamonds can create an aura of romance as you embark on a new journey.

Final Words

Whether your nurture a soft corner for the lush beauty of a garden reception or the wind-swept romance of a beach wedding, pearls can add a classic touch to your look nonetheless. Often antique pearl sets are passed through generations as family heirloom. But if you are not very keen on wearing your white bridal gown with a pearl necklace, then you can choose simple decorations and even functional buttons. As a matter of fact, pearls can even be incorporated into your veil or worn as brooches for a simple yet elegant look. The luster of pearls works like magic on a variety of skin tones and this makes them the perfect accessory on your wedding day.