Hey there!!!

We are two halves (the debate on which one is better is still going strong) who complete each other. And just like you all we too have been through numerous occasions where we have been gifted well meaning but unusable items.

No, we are not complaining about receiving gifts that somebody has spent time and money on. The emotion behind every gift is precious but it can get tiring to receive same clichéd gifts over and over again. In fact gifting can be a tiresome task even for the giver especially when you want to gift something meaningful. Most of the times the gifts that we give and receive are perfunctory and there is quite a good chance that the recipient already has it or does not want it.

There’s nothing more deflating than receiving bad gifts! All that buildup anticipation expecting something exciting and then the collapse, is almost instant when the gift is something you don’t love. The sad part it that the gift giver must have gone through many options in his head and made a wild guess and choice.

The idea of Love to Have was born over one cup of coffee too many and a long fruitful (for a change) discussion with friends. By the time we were done we were buzzing more from the idea that emerged than the excessive caffeine. Well, that day we decided to build an open platform where everyone could share their preferences with family, friends or colleagues and make gifting less bothersome, more useful and a whole lot of fun.

The vision behind Love to Have is to provide an all occasions Wishlist and Gift Registry platform to give and receive the gifts you would ‘Love to Have’ from the people who love to give. Our mission is to do away with repetitive boring gifts and bring gratification to the millions of thoughtful gifts exchanged on every occasion.

Our online Wishlist builder and Gift Registry is perfect for all gifting occasions be it weddings, anniversaries, baby showers, festivals or a simple birthday party. Come, join us and build your dream Wishlist that reflects your unique tastes and likes and share it with your family and friends. We are committed to bringing to you the best gifting experience – if you would Love to Have something, it is time that a loved one got it for you. We want to keep the anticipation and excitement intact and hope to add a smile on your face long after the gift has been unwrapped.

With love,

Priya Belliappa & Vaanu Timaya