The miracle of pregnancy and the elation one feels is second to nothing else on earth. Sharing these moments with friends and family when they throw you a baby shower is humbling. I was pregnant for the first time with twins and my sister in law was throwing me a baby shower. She was a super efficient party planner and I was really looking forward to meeting everyone before my life changed forever. My dilemma was the gifts that I would receive – I wanted the gifts I got to be meaningful and useful after the arrival of the little ones. After much thought, research and many conversations with other mothers I came up with a list of baby shower registry ideas that would be useful to all mothers to be or for anybody looking to buy gifts for expectant mothers.

Perfect Gifts you need to add to your Baby Shower Registry

Silver Baby utensils:

A baby shower registry gift idea to literally make sure that baby is born with a silver spoon. In India, silver baby utensils are a must for all families. Silver utensils have many medicinal benefits and are good for baby’s health and easy to maintain and are devoid of toxins present in the easily available plastic baby utensils extensively available.

Baby Tech

Baby Tech as a gift is very popular and the 21st-century parent uses it as a means for parenting. There are plethoras of techy parenting gears like baby monitors, Smart Cradles, E- Tracker to keep track of baby’s naps and feedings or a baby shusher to help at night. These gadgets will definitely make the life of any parent a little less stressful and perhaps get them a few more minutes of precious sleep.

Baby Gear

These small humans need a village of stuff right from the day they are born. Cribs, Convertible car seats, strollers, high chairs and baby carriers are the absolute essentials and must feature in any baby gift registry. It is imperative you check the safety features and product reviews before you pick any baby gear.

Changing supplies

Diapers!!!! One just cannot have enough number of diapers. Supplies like changing table pad, diaper bag and diaper rash cream, unscented wipes, liners are bare bones basics for every newborn.

Baby Accessories

Your friends would love to gift things that are stylish, cute and useful. Choose anything from thousands of oohs and aww inspiring cutesy baby accessories available. The price point on baby accessories is wide-ranging and everyone will find something they can afford.

Something for the mom to be

Mother to be is as important if not more as the baby, and the gift registry is incomplete without little something to pamper her. Membership of gymnasium or health spa to shed the baby weight would be a perfect gift to get the momma back in shape.