Summer’s here, and this is the time of year to shed some layers and show some skin while enjoying the warmer weather. So understandably, you have also decided that it is the best time to get a new, cool accessory for proud display; a tattoo. But wait! Before you jump right into showing off, there are a few things you need to know about protecting your tattoos in the summertime.

For New Tattoos:

While a fresh tattoo is healing, it requires special care. If you expose newly inked skin to direct sunlight, you are very likely to get burned within just 3 minutes. This outcome results from the skin’s lack of sun blocking capabilities. Consequently, your healing time becomes longer, with your skin getting more scabs in the interim. Furthermore, if you have chosen a colored tattoo, you may lose some color.

So your new tattoo is not entirely compatible with the sun. Unfortunately, not even strong sunblock can offer adequate protection. The only way to completely safeguard your new ink from the sun is to cover it fully using thick, natural yet breathable fabric and remain in shaded areas as much as possible.

After Healing:

After your tattoo is fully healed, you are still advised to minimize its sun exposure. While a healed tattoo may withstand some occasional time in the sun, a few factors determine how well it fares over time. They include the tattoo’s style, placement and the ink type used to create it. Unfortunately, the only sure way to keep your tattoo looking sharp with crisp, precise edges and vibrant coloring is by keeping it covered and avoiding any form of exposure.

However, it is unrealistic to expect you to remain forever indoors after getting a tattoo. Therefore, here are some alternative methods of protecting your ink as you enjoy the summer:

Use creams- The pigments used in tattooing are not impervious to light. Hence their tendency to fade when you constantly expose them to the sun’s UVA and UVB rays. So, to protect your ink from such adverse outcomes, you have to cover it with the correct cream. Unfortunately, the most common sun protection sunscreens are not up to the task. So, instead, you have to opt for the white, reflective titanium oxide or zinc oxide cream that reflects the harmful UV radiation.

Use clothing- The other option lies in your dress. The best cover-ups are made of breathable fabrics, providing adequate and complete coverage. In addition, these clothes keep your tattoos from direct exposure. However, it’s worth noting that see-through and light fabrics are not viable alternatives. As long as the clothes allow any amount of sunlight through, they don’t offer any protection. Alternatively, you may purchase UV blocking sunshades and umbrellas from reputable dealers for use on the beach.

All in all, protecting your tattoo at every stage plays a crucial role in how well it ages. So while you want to show off your new addition during the summer, you also have to be responsible and look after it. Therefore, consider which you would like more this summer: time in the sun or showing off an impressive tattoo.