For years Apple has been one of the most popular companies that still inspires many designers and graphic artists around the world today. Apple Inspired Photoshop Tutorials are fantastic to learn if you’re looking to gain more skills with learning more about the Apple inspired designs. With their sleek and minimalist designs ranging from laptops, Designer iphone Cases, iphone and tablets to user interface designs, Apple Store Designs, poster design and icon design - they have been a source of inspiration for many of us.

Not many companies can manage to create stunning and inspirational designs like Apple. Here at Tutorials Share, we’re a huge fan of Apple products. In today’s collection we’ve looked through the web and found 36+ Apple Inspired Photoshop Tutorials. You may find these Apple inspired Photoshop Tutorials beneficial if you’re designing mac or iPhone application or developing a new apple concept.

Here’s a collection of fantastic Adobe Photoshop Tutorials which were inspired by the brand Apple. These tutorials are very helpful when wanting to design an iPhone, iPad, iMacs, Laptops, Websites, Icons, Gallery & Adverts using the Apple stylish designs.


Create an Apple iPhone 4S in Photoshop

Design an Apple iMac to Showcase your Portfolio

Create an Apple Safari Icon in Photoshop

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How to create an ecommerce layout with apple products

Design a Apple Themed Website in Photoshop

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Apple Inspired Photoshop Tutorials

Iphone exclusive tutorial

Composite an iMac Render into an Incredible Apple Advertisement

Apple Wallpaper

How to Design the Apple iPad in Photoshop

Design an iPhone App Store Layout in Photoshop

How To Design An iPad Icon In Photoshop Tutorial

How To Create a Retro Apple Wallpaper in Photoshop

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Create a Slick Black iMac in Photoshop

The Apple Remote

Design a Shiny Photorealistic Apple Remote

iPod Shuffle From Scratch

Apple imac tutorial

Creating a Cool Brushed Metal Surface in Photoshop

Creating A Vector Style MacBook From Scratch

Creating a Mac-Type Background in Photoshop

Creating An Apple Style Advert

Green Apple Style Design

Apple Leopard text effects

Design The iTunes Icon For The iPhone And iPod Touch

Create the Glass Shelf Dock from Leopard OS in Photoshop

Mac Style PhotoFlip Gallery

Mac – Colorful Design

Design a Coldplay/Apple Inspired Portrait in Photoshop

Woman With Apple iPod Nano

Apple Style Banner

Adobe Photoshop Tip– Attack of the iPod People

A Cool Lighting Effect In Photoshop

Apple Desktop Theme

How To Create a Detailed Apple iPad Icon in Photoshop