YesMachinery provides Automatic warehouse, Auto Store, and Warehousing solutions that use mechanical structures moving between 2 rows of racks in Dubai, UAE.Our Vertical Storage Systems range is nowadays the most complete on the market and it’s able to satisfy business growing demand for higher productivity combined with safety and ergonomics in load manual handling in UAE.


  1. Easier and faster goods managing
  2. Up to 80% space saving in relation to the traditional racks.
  3. Reduction of the human resources in the warehousing activities.
  4. The automatic system and the control software solve several activities previously demanding the intervention of several operators.
  5. Less labor, costs knock down
  6. Maximum pay load 500 kg/tray
  7. Tray sizes: length 1200mm – 2400 mm


  1. Application in storage the materials /tools

The stored containers are trays whose features and dimensions are determined by specific characteristics of the products. the complete structure is absolutely enclosed by walls and thus isolated from the company encompassing atmosphere.