Pampers Overnight Diapers

The first thing that set these Pampers Overnight diapers apart from the competition was the availability of sizes. While Huggies and Seventh Generation offer sizes 4-6 for their overnight products, Pampers also carries size 3 overnight diapers.

This was particularly helpful for our family because my daughter is small for her age and the size 4 diapers were too large on her when she first started sleeping through the night.

Unlike diapers worn throughout the day, these overnights are designed specifically with longer wear in mind. They fasten in the same manner as daytime diapers, but come with additional features specific to night-time wear.

The area that wraps around baby’s legs is reinforced to help create a leak-proof seal. In addition, the inner lining of the diaper is a specialized material that works to pull any moisture deeper into the diaper so that baby still feels dry even if the diaper is wet. They are hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested as safe for baby’s skin.

With regard to absorbency, we have never had a problem – my daughter sleeps throughout the night without any leaks. By morning, the diaper is quite full, but I’d expect nothing less after 10 hours.

Like regular Pampers diapers, these come with a wetness indicator that turns from yellow to blue when the diaper is wet. If these diapers are being used overnight as intended, there’s really no need for a wetness indicator, but it also doesn’t detract from the product.

One of the main drawbacks to Pampers Swadders Overnight diapers is the lack of odor control. Huggies and Seventh Generation both seemed to capture the smell of urine more without being perfumed.

Personally, this wasn’t a big deal to me, but if you have a sensitive nose you might be better off with one of the other options. Overall, I found Pampers Swaddlers Overnight Diapers to be readily available at the places I normally shop and a great value for the price.

Huggies Overnite Diapers

As one of Pampers’ main competitors, the Huggies Overnite Diaper comes in a close second with regard to quality. They contain many of the same features as the Pampers when it comes to overnight design – reinforced stretch around baby’s legs and extra padding in the center lining to maximize absorbency. In addition, the Huggies features the SnugFit waistband which helps reinforce the fastening of the diaper so that nothing comes loose when baby moves around during the night.

Much like the Pampers, the material they use for their overnight diapers ensures that any moisture is wicked away from baby’s skin so that they remain dry even in a wet diaper. Although unnecessary, the Huggies also have a wetness indicator on all of their diapers – including the Overnites.

Unlike Seventh Generation diapers, Huggies Overnites are designed for a maximum absorbency over the span of twelve hours rather than ten. This was a big selling point for me since my daughter tends to sleep for ten hour stretches overnight and I don’t want to be worrying about whether or not her diaper will leak before she’s ready to wake up.

As an extra perk, the odor control with these seemed to be superior to the Pampers and more comparable to the Seventh Generation.

Both the Huggies and Pampers overnight diapers are comparably priced and readily available at a variety of grocers and online outlets. Additionally, both of these companies have rewards programs that allow you to collect points each time you make a purchase.

These points can then be redeemed for merchandise including diapers, wipes, or even toys! If you’re looking for the best value and added benefits for every diaper and wipe purchase, try the Huggies Overnites or the Pampers Swaddlers Overnights.

Seventh Generation Baby Free & Clear Overnight Diapers

Seventh Generation products range from diapers and baby hygiene products to dishwasher detergent and household cleaners. One of the first things I noticed about Seventh Generations overnight diapers was their limited availability.

While they seem to be widely available online through retailers like Amazon and, I was unable to find them at my local Meijer. Huggies and Pampers products were both in stock, but these Seventh Generation overnight diapers had to be ordered online and delivered.

Despite the delay in obtaining these diapers, my initial impression was a good one. They are incredibly soft – softer than Huggies or Pampers. They also come with adorable designs on a purple background which makes them easily identified as night-time diapers. Seventh Generation prides themselves on creating products that are environmentally friendly and socially conscious.

The absorbent inner lining of these overnight diapers is made from wood fluff pulp that is sustainably sourced. In addition, they also boast a lack of lotions and perfumes and do not use chlorine to bleach their products which makes them great for babies with sensitive skin.

During our first overnight with these diapers, I noticed that the diaper became easily bunched up between my daughter’s legs while she slept. Though this did not cause them to leak, I did not have this problem with the Huggies or Pampers.

The absorbency of these diapers was less than that of the competitors. It worked fine for a nine hour night, but I doubt it could’ve absorbed any more. Seventh Generation lists the wearing time for these diapers at ten hours. Pampers and Huggies both have absorbencies based on a 12-hour wearing time.

The price point for these overnight diapers was higher than that of Huggies and Pampers and came with significantly fewer diapers. This, in addition to their limited availability at my local grocer, made them more hassle than they were worth.

If sensitive skin is an issue for your baby or you pride yourself on being more environmentally aware, these diapers are likely for you. If you want the peace of mind that comes with knowing your baby won’t wake up in the middle of the night due to a wet diaper, I would recommend the other brands.