A good security system has become an essential part of life to keep uninvited guests at bay. To make our house and loved ones feel secure one should have a good home alarm system as part of their home’s security system. All of us wants to live in the safest neighborhoods, a secure place where we do not have to worry about property crimes, intruders, aggravated assault, etc. and Tampa home security systems provide that sense of security on so many levels.

Installing the best security system in Florida does not only have security camera, it is the least interpretation of the system, it has so many other equipment, benefits, better warranty, products and services that makes it a protected system.

About Tampa, Florida

Tampa is a significant city on the Gulf Coast of the U.S. state of Florida with economic landscapes.

With a population of 384,959, Tampa is the affluent centerpiece of the state, the third-most populated city in Florida.


Tampa hosts many tourists and is known for its rich, diverse melting pot culture – prominently, West Tampa boasts for it. The local area increases the area’s beauty making it a must visit place for people who want more space and peace. Tampa’s climate remains pleasant which makes it more attractive and go to city for people.

If you are looking for a metropolitan community, Hyde Park, the neighborhood historic kenwood, or Jackson st., can provide you the same.

The flourishing business center with such prosperity attracts young people. Smart hubs offered, business districts, make it the most preferred route as they have more professional options to the largest category industry experience.

For the city that provides such attractions, advanced security must be a natural part of the city’s growth. People in Tampa require a good security system to reduce break ins and crime rates. That is the reason for best home security companies insist on professionally installed home security system instead of diy security system to not leave any scope for longevity cons.

Crime Facts and Figures in Tampa, FL

The shot at turning into a victim of either brutal or property crime in Tampa is 1 out of 46. In light of FBI crime information, Tampa nor does Orlando, Fl are the most secure areas in America.

Comparative with Florida, Tampa national average crime statistics are higher than 67% of the state’s urban areas and towns.

Tampa’s ordinances with diverse cultural mix of Orlando area, historic kenwood, hyde park, Jackson st., residential neighborhood. makes it the perfect employment centers with company based basic package up to date. Hence, people in Tampa need a good alarm system with the best home security reviews, motion activated camera, doorbell camera, video doorbell, and new system upgraded home security systems and home alarm system that can provide residential areas security year-round and can also help Tampa police department.

The Tampa neighborhood is renowned for car burglary where criminals furtively takes the best advantage of night’s lower visibility and poor vision in the dark. Having a good security system has become necessary for every household as Tampa is known for car theft.

The St. Petersburg Police Department protects people in the city, devoting time for the safety of the local business and citizens. It also protects Nebraska avenue Tampa, Tampa Attn, luxury highrises in Florida ave, including areas that hosts homes dating that are decades old.

The number of property crimes in Florida has reached 7800, whereas burglaries reached 1477 providing an deeper insight, and focusing the importance to control property crime. The best home security systems with quality appearance compared with that of customers rated alaram companies, should be installed. This should help the crime rate fall below the national rates over the last five years.

Top 5 Home Security Systems in Tampa, FL

While you are considering various product line it is very important to choose the best home security systems, so here lets look in brief different security systems with the most robust reputation so you can compare home security companies before arranging one for your place.


SimpliSafe Home Security

SimpliSafe is one of the best security systems. It provides a DIY home security or base security system that requires no professional monitoring. Plans here are pretty straightforward. It is one the most user-friendly brand and does not need a professional installation, also you can add on extra elements whenever you feel the need for overall security.


  • Send confirmed alert when professionally monitored
  • Smoke detectors, fire alarms, water detectors, etc. and alarm systems are available
  • Professional monitoring is available at a low cost
  • Provides cellular backup


  • Mobile alerts are not included in basic plan
  • Does not allows you to connect with other smart devices


ADT Home Security

ADT is a very reputed name when it comes to home security systems. The current data plan offer both the contract or paying upfront options. It is a flexible system with a customizable package. They offer extended warranties cons security which is expensive.

The company offers professional monitoring. Though ADT’s secure package costs are high, they do include a lot of ADT monitoring options. ADT offering is one of the latest advanced technology types in the industry.


  • ADT provides better video data
  • ADT monitoring alerts authorities immediately
  • A site and mobile app that is keypad integrated
  • ADT offers 6 months money-back guarantee


  • Contracts are lengthy
  • ADT packages are expensive
  • Other smart home packages will cost more


Frontpoint Home Security

Frontpoint is one of the most flexible home security companies that offer you to choose your own plans and packages.

It has a DIY installation option which reduces the cost of the package. Frontpoint offers professional monitoring too and are almost every home budget friendly.


  • Provides door sensors and window sensors
  • Option for heat and smoke alarms
  • Motion sensors
  • Provide best customer service to bind customers
  • You can choose your own monitoring plans and is very flexible with it


  • High monitoring cost
  • Only one month trial available


Vivint Home Security

Vivint is one of the most trusted brands in home security systems. It is one of the best Tampa home security systems.

It is very home budget-friendly brand, it has monthly price packages for city’s single family homes as well as architecturally rich homes. It provides you with very responsible home monitoring with a touchscreen control panel.


  • Supports both androids as well as ios operating systems
  • Can be connected to apple watch google assistant and other smart home automation systems
  • Provides burglary detection and smart locks
  • It is a national brand with high customer satisfaction


  • Has contracts for long periods
  • DIY home security’s installation is complicated

Protect America Home Security

Protect America is a 25 years old home security service provider. They offer multiple plans from which you can choose according to your connectivity. If you don’t have poor dexterity, then it is a great option for you.


  • Smart home integrations
  • Mobile app access



  • It works on contract basis
  • Cellular monitoring is expensive



Considerations Choosing Home Security Systems

When choosing a home security system there are certain points that need to be considered for securing your home. Whether you have been choosing a company that has been there for years or a younger company, these are the factors that must be considered as device’s specifications provide more insight into whether DIY or professional monitoring is better for you.




Price & Contracts



Different home security systems have different price depending on the particular provider’s service. You can choose to pay an upfront cost or can choose monthly contract options. But remember, forced contracts good monitoring is not true or good.

You can choose the local security brand if that suits you, however if you are not satisfied you can switch to other providers. You can also look for companies that work on monthly costs or early termination refunds if the contract length is for a longer period.


Professional Monitoring Vs. Standard Monitoring

Property crime is the fourth largest category in the state, which why the residents need best home security, Tampa. You can choose from local security company knowledgeable about the local area, or national home security providers which cater to national security company.

As we know that free professional monitoring is not an option so one has to pay the cost, but if you are worried about pricing, standard monitoring, DIY monitoring or self monitoring then with the chime plans, we would recommend acquiring as it will be cost effctive.


Professional Installation

Some brands provide simple systems that can be installed easily but you can always take a smart route and can get a professional install it. Some brands offer security systems and service that are of state of the art standard and require professionally installed system.

But in case you are a tech savvy and want to install the system all by yourself then you might have to take a step back as the installation of a few elements can get really tricky, though you can always take professional help for fine tuning just those equipment and that could save you a lot of money.


Smart Home Security

Smart security system is attached to amazon, Alexa, google assistant, google home, etc. This makes your life easy by attaching these systems together and can be accessed by your phone remotely.


Home Security Providers

You can choose local brands or national security companies depending on your requirement.

But you have to consider that one of the biggest subscription support cons is that national security company overcharge based on their services.


Tampa Florida Home Security Companies

You must consider all the factors that home security company in Tampa has to offer like alarm system, video doorbells, alarm monitoring, water damage monitoring, home automation services, their video cameras, home alarm systems, video storage limits, night vision of the camera, camera footage.

Also check if they have customizable system, crime contract, free premier, panic button door for emergency situations.


Home security system Equipment and Features

Homes security companies are coming up with better services. But if you have to purchase a security system for your own property then these are the points to consider-


Control Panel

Entire security system is managed by control panels. It gives you access, control with amazon, alexa and other smart devices in your home. It can operate all the elements that are connected to it. Some brands also provide a limited interface control panel for a relatively autonomous system.



Security sensors, especially sensors like window or door sensors, motion detection sensor, etc. can help you detect any activity happening in your house.

Some brands offer door sensors which also provides freeze sensor or temperature sensor door that warns if the outer environment gets too extreme. You can also have a floodlight door for a better safety in your garage. System that can sense carbon monoxide leaks are also available.



Security camera is essential. There are brands that offer indoor as well as outdoor cameras. Though the quality of outdoor camera can be low because of the quality of the light present outside, and outdoor camera also need protection from the outer enviornment. Some brands offer cameras with increased storage space as increased storage space means better data management.


Smart Locks


Smart locks are provided by so many top brands. This feature helps you to look and unlock your home by just using the security app.



Security system must be chosen with the loudest bell. But the security system must setup in a manner that it should not send police false alarms. Companies must work to reduce false alarms. Problematic wifi connectivity that sends alerts can also result in false alarm which is really disturbing.



Superfluous data monitoring is very nice but other features can really be important. If you are arranging home security providers you must look for the following points-

  • Security cameras, doorbell cameras
  • Motion detectors
  • Safety
  • Burglar alarms
  • motion detection door
  • Flexible installation options
  • No hefty upfront cost
  • Storage capacity
  • Phone application and site
  • Affordable monitoring plans
  • Equipment cost must be low
  • Trained team with monitoring capabilities
  • Good operating system with excellent cost to effectiveness ratio
  • Connectivity with popular smart home devices


FAQs home security systems Tampa, FL


Which security systems provider in Tampa offers installation?

ADT and Vivint are two security systems providers in Tampa to offer installation.


Is home automation included in this home security system?

Yes, most of these security systems include home automation, as companies are awarded higher scores for this feature. If you are also looking for a new security system with increase accountability then looking for this feature is a must.


Best security system for Tampa fl?

Simplisafe has been rated as first suggestion and one of the best home security system by customers for its flexible plans, pricing DIY monitoring and simple pricing. Simplisafe, just like Abode, connects with their customers and do not push them into forceful contracts and serves best as a new home security system hence grabs customer satisfaction.