Summer is nearly here, and for a lot of people, that means it’s time to wear flip-flops. Don’t be those people. Unless your feet are expertly manicured, or you are at the beach, protect your precious toes (and our eyes) by wearing some fresh, hip sneakers. Here’s a list of shoe trends for summer that will help you get your kicks.


White is Alright

White shoes will never truly go out of style. They go with everything and they give your outfit a clean look that says “I care about my personal appearance!” Adidas’ classic Stan Smith snake effect trainers belong in your wardrobe and are also affordable for most people.


Go Retro, Part I

Retro manages to always be in style if you pay attention to the details. According to GQ, this season’s hottest retro look will be vintage running shoes. High-end designers like Tom Ford are getting in on the fun with sneakers that look like they were made in 1983. The catch is they cost over $850.00. Another option is the Brooks Chariot running shoe, which has essentially remained unchanged for decades.


Go Retro, Part II

If you aren’t a fan of running shoes but you like a pair of Chucks, rest easy: retro Converse shoes are still a thing and no one will every mock you for wearing them. The great thing about these vintage shoes is that they go with everything from a pair of shorts to a summer dress.

The Converse One Star in pinstripe green is sure to be a hit for summer.


Chunk It Up

Big, chunky sneakers have been on trend for a few years now. This season’s variation on that theme emphasize the big sole. Although this trend seems to favor a shoe that is heavier than what many people are used to, there are benefits to it as well, such as elevated height and better support for people who are on their feet all day.

This Alexander McQueen blue oversized sneaker will set you back more than $300, but it’s a more put-together shoe than the messy oversized chunks of years past.



Messy, out-of-control, wrecked, ugly: this is what some people prize most in a summer sneaker. Although the sight of these shoes can leave some people cringe, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Besides, for people who crave attention, messy-looking sneakers will certainly do the trick.

These Stella McCartney multicolour Loop sneakers look like a 1980’s Trapper Keeper threw up on a shoe.

This pair of ugly shoes, the Nike black pink volt Air Scream LWP, are available for less than $100 and will herald your arrival.


Gum Soles

Here’s a detail that has been hot all year: the gum sole, which harkens back to the days of Avril Lavigne’s “skater bois.” These trainers have the advantage of being a retro look that is hard to mess up, since the soles expertly mask dirt and grime. Puma’s Basket Leather Platform Low-Top Sneaker is a steal at just $50, and will help you stand out from the pack.