A well-taken photograph is the greatest feeling of joy and pride. Today we’ll be looking at WordPress photography themes to Establish Your Photography Career. These are specialist WordPress themes that are aimed at publishers that have a photography background. They are the very latest specialist WordPress photography themes in 2017. They are suitable for all kinds of professional and amateur photographers seeking t place their prized work online in the very best way possible.

Naturally any photography professional will know that there’s a lot of creative work put into setting up the perfect shot that leads to a truly awesome photograph and not everyone can pull it off. Indeed there are a lot of not-so-successful attempts left behind. There’s the whole path of trial and error. And then there’s a well-taken one of a kind photograph.

Then, not long after that there is the grand web site portfolio that shows these creations to the wider world. It is for this later part that WordPress photography themes make their mark. So take note as these are the top WordPress photography themes to watch and try out in 2017.

20 WordPress Photography Themes to Establish Your Photography Career in 2017

Wordpress Photography Themes 2017

WordPress Themes for Photographers : These WordPress Photography Themes will put your portfolio into high gear.

For many decades, the simple photograph is one of the primary communication tools used by humanity. From wars to weddings, the best way to transmit the moment-to-moment emotional intensity and the depth of feelings is the photograph. The well-taken photograph highlights the details otherwise left unnoticed. The photograph is simply the very best way to look at the world from a different angle. The only way to properly ensure those precious moments are not to be lost in time like tears in rain.

Portfolio Tools : WordPress Photography Themes

Just as important as succeeding at taking that perfect shot, is sharing your work with the wider world. Especially if you are aiming to achieving some kind of professional success in your creative photography career. The best way to share your photos with the public is putting them online in the best way possible.

For that you will need a personal portfolio website, where all your photos will be safe and available to people. Today, there exist a lot of options for such websites. But what about the best one, you ask? Well, we recommend this simple recipe: use the WordPress CMS with a pre-built template. Why?

WordPress is a Powerful CMS for Digital Portfolios

WordPress allows to create elaborate websites that will satisfy all your needs. It uses Cherry framework for better customization and is the perfect tool for building modern, professional, responsive websites. New versions come out all the time and the platform is constantly evolving. Once your portfolio site is built and live you can monetize it, either by selling your digital photography work or by monetizing the blog with ads.

Why Pre-Built WordPress Templates are Better

Sure, you can try designing your website from scratch all on your own, but do you really need to? Often building the website on your own takes a lot of time — and if you hire somebody else to do it, it costs a lot of money. Surely you can spend those precious resources on something more important — like buying better equipment and taking more photos?

Made by Design Professionals for Photographers

Each of the WordPress photography themes featured in this articles corresponds to the latest trends and fashions in the web design sector right now. Those templates look beautiful both on PCs and mobile devices, they are reliable and user-friendly. The true quality is often the best advertisement.

Ready to find the next step of your successful career? Let’s look at 20 best WordPress pre-built WordPress photography themes templates for photographers. Then get to work snapping, clicking and start the building.

1. Julie Bernerro – Photographer Portfolio Responsive WordPress Theme

Julie Bernerro - Photographer Portfolio Responsive WordPress Theme

Julie Bernerro – Photographer Portfolio Responsive WordPress Theme.

It’s important to always remind yourself that much of photographer’s success lies in photographer’s style. Style is attractive, it is an instant appeal that will bring a lot of potential clients to your studio. This fully responsive WordPress layout and theme is all about style: lots of colors, vibrancy and feature rich options make the Julie Bernerro – Photographer Portfolio responsive WordPress Theme a winner for any photographer building a web portfolio.

Details |  Demo

2. The Jon Bin Mobile Responsive WordPress Theme

One Page Freelancer Photographer Portfolio WordPress Theme

Jon Bin : One Page Freelancer Photographer Portfolio WordPress Theme.

The clear and precise professional touch to this design by Jon Bin is its beauty and speed. Notice how well-structured the theme template is. There are three “levels” on the main page, each of which was built to accomplish certain tasks. On the first level your customers can get information about your service, then proceed to learning more about you and then have look at your works.

Build stunning posts and pages rapidly with the included power editor and all output is fast and fully responsive naturally. This is the ‘One Page Freelancer Photographer Portfolio WordPress Theme. You can check it our right here.

Details |  Demo

3. The Monstroid 2 WordPress Photography Theme

Monstroid2 - Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Monstroid 2 – Multipurpose WordPress Theme for ecommerce and digital portfolio designers.

This theme is versatile and multi purpose and perfect for photographers and ecommerce stores alike. It is packed with features, mobile responsive and offers a multitude of layout and presentation options. Since it is so flexible the Monstroid 2 WordPress theme gains the capability to deliver a unique and unrivalled visitor experience.

Details |  Demo

4. The Focussity WordPress Theme for Wedding Photographers

Focussity - Wedding Photography WordPress Theme

Focussity – Wedding Photography WordPress Theme, is this the ideal theme for wedding photographers?

It’s not even about the beautiful wedding photo in the demo — the real appeal of this stunning WordPress template for weddings lies in a very thought-out usage of colors and styles aimed at the wedding photographer. There’s a classic black-white contrast going on, that’s for sure. But try noticing the fine details.

A few red and romantic touches here and there instantly energize the palette of this theme; while gray elements and light colours provide much needed depth. Plus fully adaptable and mobile responsive of course.

If you are in the business of wedding photography and lets face this can be big business. You need a wedding photography WordPress theme such as Focussity that is upto the task. Keep those brides and grooms happy. It is there big day and with Focussity WordPress theme it can be your big payday.

Details |  Demo

5. Addison Photography WordPress Theme

Addison Photography WordPress Theme

Addison Photography WordPress Theme : This a slick and stylish theme to present the photos just how you want them from the outset.

Combining the examples of your works into a grid and putting it right into the center of your website is a very effective thing to do with the Addison WordPress theme. Firstly, people who visit your website will be able to look at your prized photos at once, without any delays.

Secondly, there’s a very clear message behind such design; your works are what you value the most. You can do all this and more with the mobile responsive Addison WordPress photography theme, take a look and see. Addison is simply a great WordPress photography theme to consider in 2017 and beyond.

Details |  Demo

6. Simona WordPress Theme for Digital Portfolios

Simona WordPress Photography Theme

Simona WordPress Photography Theme : This vibrant theme is an excellent choice for anyone looking to build a stunning digital portfolio.

The mostly black and yellow palette of this website design creates an environment where everything highlights the beauty of your photos. There’s only one example at a time on the main page — but it looks mesmerizing. Of course you can change the colors and customize the Simona WordPress theme in so many unique ways. This is a great choice theme for anyone keen to build an exciting digital portfolio.

Details |  Demo

7. Vignette – Family Photographer & Portfolio WordPress Theme

Vignette - Family Photographer & Portfolio WordPress Theme

Vignette – Family Photographer & Portfolio WordPress Theme

The colors combined with a very calm design pattern; the essence of this Vignette WordPress photography template is delicacy. However, there is pretty much to say when it comes to the main page. Different examples of your photos, different design elements, so many options are on offer with this photography template and theme.

Vignette is very well-balanced and offers lots of design and presentation features for digital portfolios of any size. This is an awesome WordPress photography theme for studios wishing to feature their work and provide robust demos to clients.

Details |  Demo

8. Ida – Model Photo Portfolio WordPress Theme

Ida - Model Photo Portfolio WordPress Theme

Ida – Model Photo Portfolio WordPress Theme: This theme is awesome for digital photographers who specialize in modelling and glamor photography.

Combining black and dark blue colors is usually not the first idea that comes to the mind but that’s just the reason why this theme looks so memorable. A lot of information (with a lot of examples, too) will be appreciated by your customers. Ida is a awesome WordPress photography theme that works very well for model portfolios and glamor photography sets.

The theme presents all images in the best way possible, Ida is clean, fast and mobile responsive. If your photography niche is modelling or glamor photography then this theme is the one. You can try out Ida theme right here.

Details |  Demo

9. Mevis Template and Model WordPress Theme

Mevis - Model Personal Page Photography WordPress Theme

Mevis – Model Personal Page Photography WordPress Theme : Use this for glamor photography and modelling.

Pretty similar to the previous entry, the Mevis theme is also targeted at the portfolio needs of model and glamor photographers which helps make this design both striking and fresh. Modelling and indeed glamor photography is an exciting sub niche.

This particular template integration understand this just perfectly and so is a great choice if glamor is your thing. Build exciting, engaging mobile responsive digital portfolios with the Mevis WordPress theme for models and glamor, check it out here.

Details |  Demo

10. Photographer Portfolio Responsive WordPress Theme

Photographer Portfolio Responsive WordPress Theme

Photographer Portfolio Responsive WordPress Theme : All you need in one place to take your portfolio digital.

This is a powerful portfolio design for professional photographers who know what they are doing. Notice how well everything is put together: the resulting design is tight, but not crowded. It brings gloss to this theme along with all the tools needed to build the ultimate digital portfolio.

Details |  Demo

11. Online Portfolio Theme

Online Portfolio WordPress Theme

Online Portfolio WordPress Theme : All the exciting tools needed to launch an online portfolio of your very best work.

If you want to opt for something very special, look at this template. The image grid here is visually striking, with pictures fading in and out — while the black and white combination does what it does best and creates a cool-looking background. There’s all the information your customers could potentially need, too.

Details |  Demo

12. Tomi Solas WordPress Theme

Tomi Solas WordPress Theme

Tomi Solas WordPress Theme : This is a flexible multipurpose theme to meet all design needs.

Another dark design for your website and in the same time very different from all the other entries. A big photo in the middle of the page will be the inner drive of this Tomi Solas template, bringing additional energy and urgency to your digital works and making them look more powerful.

Tomi Solas is a very confident, strong and assured WordPress template. One that confident and determined digital photographers will surely be glad to use to build their online presence and stand out from the crowd.

Details |  Demo

13. Photographer CV WordPress Theme

Photographer CV WordPress Theme

Photographer CV WordPress Theme : Show case your best work to potential employers and clients.

As a dedicated freelance photographer perhaps your niche is wedding photography, glamor, corporate events, news and press or something else entirely. Whatever the niche a lot of credibility, new and repeat business stems from your digital CV. When taking pictures is your life’s work and passion your work has to stand out. Not just because a photographer’s CV is their bread and butter but because it defines you.

A great online digital portfolio grandstands the passion, ambition and perfection that goes into becoming one of the best, in demand freelance digital photographers out there. The photographer CV WordPress theme helps any skilled photographer accomplish these lofty goals with style, class and finesse. Take a look right now. This CV theme has all the tools you need to the the job done right.

Details |  Demo

14. The Photography Blog Theme

Photography Blog Theme

Photography Blog Theme : The best of both worlds, powerful blog and digital portfolio in one superb theme.

If you want to concentrate only on your works and make your website seem special at the same time with blogs, then try this layout. It’s very simple and just striking. It’s a sure thing that your visitors and clients will never forget the look of your beautiful photos, reflected in the glossy infinite colors and styles.

This theme in particular incorporates blog elements. Thus not only is building a digital portfolio a key feature, so is the blog aspect. The best of both worlds combined with the Photography Blog WordPress theme.

Details |  Demo

15. Pro Photographer Portfolio WordPress Theme

Pro Photographer Portfolio WordPress Theme

Pro Photographer Portfolio WordPress Theme : Professional tools to get the job done like a Pro.

Not everything should be complicated in order to amaze. Sometimes going minimalistic is the best option. With this template, your photos will be looked at with pleasure. The strong background, very good-looking typeface. This professional photography theme is slick, modern and fast loading with kick and emotions. Impress your clients with the

Details |  Demo

16. Fancy Photographer Portfolio WordPress Theme

Fancy Photographer Portfolio WordPress Theme

Fancy Photographer Portfolio WordPress Theme : A theme for still image and videographers combined.

Among the WordPress photography themes on display here this theme works great for still images and for videography. Packed with bright high-resolution details, this template and theme makes for a very nice choice of an established photographer.

If you have lots of different types of works, this is a theme for you. Everything will be taken into consideration, ready to be viewed by your valued clients.

Details |  Demo

17. Mezmerize – Fashion Brand Lookbook WordPress Theme

Mezmerize - Fashion Brand Lookbook WordPress Theme

Mezmerize – Fashion Brand Lookbook WordPress Theme : For fashion and product photography professionals.

If you are working to become a successful and well-known fashion photographer, it’s important to establish a image for yourself. Let people know how you live your life, what you listen to and what air you breath in. Create a human connection between your work and your clients even before you meet them. This this Mezmerize WordPress photography theme will give you all the necessary tools to tell people about the life you live through fashion.

Details |  Demo

18. Director of Photography WordPress Theme

Director of Photography WordPress Theme

Director of Photography WordPress Theme : Lights, camera and action.

With a single photo and a minimum of design complications, this still image and videography theme for WordPress is all about attracting attention at first sight. It’s not a coincidence that this theme is called “Director”

This theme offers excellent support and features aimed at the professional photographer and director in equal measure. So much so, that you won’t need many takes to get it right with this particular actor!

Details |  Demo

19. Happy Moments Videography WordPress Theme

Happy Moments Videography WordPress Theme

Happy Moments Videography WordPress Theme : What is life if not able to record previous happy moments?

Everything that a professional could ever need is included in the package of this WordPress template. You are both able to show your work and present the information people require. The Happy Moments WordPress photography theme makes the template brighter and visually appealing. It won’t be easy for people to leave your website once they enter.

This theme is ideal for those heavily into video production as well as still imagery. It is a flexible, powerful and feature rich mobile responsive theme that you ought to try.

Details |  Demo

20. The Bold Professional WordPress Layout

Photographer Portfolio Responsive WordPress Theme

Photographer Portfolio Responsive WordPress Theme : Bold striking design to showcase your digital photography portfolio with this amazing photo theme.

Show the world that you believe in your work. This professional design was created to how different, bold and fancy your photographs are. Basically, it’s about striking imagery and how it works: first you create something new and then it becomes popular.

With reflective background and soft gray colors, this template builds a perfect environment for such experiments. Perfect for corporate work and any kind of event photography portfolio.

Details |  Demo

Final Thought

These are some of the top WordPress photography themes for 2017. These WordPress themes are idea for professional photographers looking to publish their prized work online. Our professional advice is to try a few WordPress photography themes out on a fresh install and then shortlist them until able to pick a winner. Then get publishing all those great shots for the world to see and enjoy.

Consider One More Important Thing

Buying premium class WordPress photography themes from an established template provider is both easy, cheap and enjoyable. The templates cost less than a hundred dollars. In addition you get licenses for using pictures featured in demos and the access to a dedicated support and customization team, ready to help you 24/7.

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