Bidsbee, a social crypto trading platform, is created to enable all types of traders to benefit from crypto trading. Beginners and experts can benefit from the extensive though easy-to-use functionality of the platform. Here is a complete overview of the Bidsbee cryptocurrency trading platform functionalities.

Bidsbee Functionalities

Bidsbee offers an extensive set of functionalities so that anybody can benefit from the crypto price changes.

A trading terminal enables managing all your trading accounts on centralized exchanges. It expands the standard functionality of a CEX by allowing you to place advanced orders and use a trailing function to be more flexible.

A copy trading functionality allows beginners to copy the orders of expert traders. You can choose a trader you believe most suits you, subscribe to him, and his orders will be copied to your account. You can allocate a specific sum to copying this trader’s orders if you don’t want to risk your entire balance. You also can set up a limit for losses that you agree to bear with this trader. When this limit is reached, you unsubscribe automatically, and the orders of the trader won’t be copied to your account anymore.

If you are an expert trader, you can also generate an additional income flow with the copy trading functionality. You can register a public trader profile and let other people copy your orders for a subscription fee. You can set up the fee as much as you want. The more subscribers you have, the more you earn. The Bidsbee cryptocurrency trading platform charges 15% of your subscription earnings.

Trading bots are a perfect tool for those who want to automate their trading activities. You pick a bot or several bots you like, set them up, and they will place buy or sell orders based on the settings.

Trading signals are an inseparable part of any crypto trading strategy. Accurate and consistent trading signals from Bidsbee are sent to Telegram as soon as the right moment to buy or sell comes. With them, you will never miss a single earning opportunity.

Is Bidsbee Legit?

Bidsbee is a 100% legit platform. It offers top-safe environment for its users which means that the platform doesn’t store users’ funds. Thus, all your money is protected by the safety of your CEX account. You connect your account on a CEX with Bidsbee via API keys, and trade without transferring any of your funds to the platform.

Bidbsee doesn’t require its users to pass KYC. All you need to sign up and use all the set of tools is to register with your valid email address.

The safety of the trading environment offered by the Bidsbee platform is ensured by Hacken, an expert in blockchain and crypto security.

Why Traders Choose Bidsbee

When you choose to trade with Bidsbee, you can count on many benefits compared to other similar solutions.

Newbies can enter the world of crypto trading easily and with minimum risks. They can copy the trades of professional traders or trade with a virtual balance to avoid risking real money. They can also access a good selection of educational materials and guides.

Experts can benefit from the advanced set of tools and functions. They can place spot and futures orders, use a trailing function, subscribe to signals, and automate their trading strategies with bots. Also, they can earn on copy trading by allowing other traders to subscribe to them and copy their orders.

All traders can join a friendly Bidsbee community on Discord to share updates, ideas, and impressions, and to communicate with like-minded people.

Bidsbee Pricing

The pricing is very competitive. All new users can test the Bidsbee cryptocurrency trading platform’s functionality for free with the Basic plan. After that, you can choose a paid plan and access an extensive set of tools.

How to Register an Account

To register an account, you click on the Sign up button and proceed with filling in an email address and setting up your password.

After all the data is filled in, we will send an email with a link to confirm your account. Open your mailbox, and click on the link. After that, your account with Bidsbee becomes active, and you can sign in and explore the platform.

Bottom Line

Using Bidsbee is easy even for complete beginners. The functionality enables even the most demanding traders to benefit to a full extent in any market conditions. It means that everybody can find the right set of tools and options to earn from.

The Bidsbee team continues improving the platform and implementing new features to meet the market demands and the expectations of its users.