Big Backgrounds in Web Design can have a huge impact on your visitors. Using certain Photographs or illustrations as big backgrounds can define your websites mood and tone. Big backgrounds can enhance in the website and be the focus point. Big backgrounds in websites are most likely to be minimalist so not to take away from the other design elements. If you have a complicated big background it can make the website cluttered, busy  and difficult to look through.

In this collection of large backgrounds in web design, we’ll go through Large Photo Background Websites, Large Backgrounds Websites, Illustrative Big Backgrounds Websites and Minimal Large Background Websites.

Using big backgrounds in web design is a popular trend, in this collection we’ll be showcasing over thirty websites using large backgrounds. These websites all use large backgrounds in creative ways. Here are Creative Examples of Big Backgrounds in Web Design, enjoy!

Lena Sanz


Creative Mode

Sumisura Zegna

Ford Foundation

Bicikli Fumic

Normann Copenhagen

Matteo Zanga



Nature Valley Trail View

Fifty Three

Lend Your Leg

Marcus Thomas


Blind Barber


We are Royale

Adventure World

Pioneer Steez

Timberland for Women

Jwi Louvres

SF Doc

Poco People

Two Fold

Guy Vernes

Satellite Voices

Porte Sainte Claire

Cat Rabbit