A wedding ring is timeless. Many people assume it is meant to last a lifetime but the right ring will be passed down through the generations. How can you ensure this ring is selected? What should you look for when making this purchase?

Set a Budget

Never walk into a jewelry store to look at rings without having a budget in mind. Expect to spend approximately three to five percent of the wedding budget on the rings. Having this figure in mind helps to narrow the selection when you arrive at the store. Nevertheless, prices vary by the style selected, the metal, the design, and more. Determine which types of rings you want as a couple and move forward from there, keeping your budget in mind when doing so. You need a wedding ring that suits you in every way, and the cost plays a role in this.

Don’t Rush the Process

Begin shopping for rings as soon as you decide to get married. If you decide on custom rings, this will give the jeweler plenty of time to create what you want. Even if you purchase ready-made rings, you may want them engraved or sized. The jeweler needs time to complete these tasks as well. The rings are a symbol of the bond between you, so you want to get them right. Leave plenty of time to shop around for this reason.

Complementary Styles

Look for rings that complement one another. The engagement and wedding ring should blend well with the rings chosen for the partner. One thing to consider is the choice of metal. The metal should remain consistent across all rings for a well-designed look.

Size Considerations

A person’s ring size will change over their lifetime. Choose rings that can be resized to reduce the need to buy a new ring in the future. Rings encircled with diamonds, for example, are hard to resize. Choose a ring with a solitary diamond or one with a center diamond and smaller gems on either side. These styles are easy to resize, so only one ring will be needed for a lifetime.

Take Your Lifestyle Into Account

Your lifestyle plays a role in which rings should be selected. Avoid a delicate ring if you lead an active lifestyle. It may frequently be damaged. People who work with their hands may not want rings with engraving. The engraved areas can trap dirt and debris as they go about their day. If you work in an office, however, you can choose an elegant ring with intricate details.

Go Low Maintenance

Wedding rings are meant to be worn daily. You don’t want to constantly be maintaining the ring to keep it looking nice. Again, intricate designs are hard to clean. Gold and platinum are ideal for those who want minimal maintenance. Avoid rings with dual tones and those that have inlays if you don’t want to keep up with regular maintenance.

Personal Style

You have your own style. It’s part of what makes you unique and your wedding ring should reflect this. Choose a ring that speaks to you, so you will want to wear it every day. Before buying locally, look online to see what else may be available. The more rings you look at, the easier it is to find the perfect one for your style.

Never buy the first wedding ring you see and like. Take time for this purchase and consider all the details of the ring. When you do so, you are sure to find the perfect item that will last a lifetime and beyond.