Books are the first best friend which any human could own. They are your companion forever which you could take them with you to any place and read them whenever you feel like. Moreover, they are stress relievers and hubs of knowledge. Reading a book is a great hobby as every book offers you some explicit ideas which you might not have. So going for book reading is a good option to stay away from all the gossips and become better as a person. There are books in different zones and topics. The best cross country moving companies explain that there are certain books are there on relocation and travel which have amazing content and make you understand how you should go about this process. So mentioned below are the best few books which you must read if you plan for a better relocation in life.

Expat Women: Confessions – 50 Answers to Your Real-Life Questions about Living Abroad’, written by Andrea Martins

The title explains most of the content which the book talks about. The book comprises almost 50 common topics, questions and problems which are asked by the people. Further, the book explains about the real-life experiences of women who are present there and what they are doing to come out of these issues. The book has a particular flow and a format followed which makes it easy to search on topics and as per the demand you can choose the subject which you find most relevant to your situation in terms of relocation.

The topics are not limited to a zone but they talk about leaving your home and family behind, mixing up with people of different cultures, maintaining a balance in personal and professional life and so on. The questions are not mere answers but empathetic replies which help the reader to connect with the content and understand where they stand and what are they actually looking at.

‘Career in your Suitcase – A Practical Guide to Creating Meaningful Work…Anywhere’ written by Jo Parfitt

People are usually looking out for a mobile career and that book speaks all about that. After reading the book you could understand the things which you are zealous about. The book, in the beginning, talks about the practical analysis by which you could understand your SWOT which is strength, weakness, opportunity and threat. With this, you could understand yourself and narrow down your zone on what you want to do in life. It further then guides you on certain things such as networking world, self-marketing, building up your brands, self-employment opportunities and so on. With this, you could understand your career and ambition. Even this book has several opportunities by which you could analyze yourself. If your dream is to work on a mobile office that is on your own then this book is a perfect guide.

‘Thriving Abroad: The definitive guide to professional and personal relocation success’, written by Louise Wiles

This book is about people who are thinking about going for an international assignment with an employer. It’s a complete hands-on practical approach that explains about the experiences of experts. Not just this experts have talked about various situations where they have provided solutions to different problems which people face in their careers. It covers a lot of topics ranging from professional, personal and family considerations and then further give views on topics such as decision making, preparation, moving, settling and finally thriving, So for every stage, there is a solution given in the book. This book is written from the perspective of people who are relocating to a new place. It talks about cases of different couples on how they live if they are relocating together or one of the spouses is relocated. It gives details on emotional, behaviour and physical changes observed in people.

‘Once Upon An Expat’, written by Lisa Webb

This book is a complete package that offers views plus entertainment. It is a kind of storytelling which would totally engross you and you would feel like reading more and more. This book provides solutions to various problems which you come across in life especially when you think about relocating. It is not just a book focusing on a particular incident rather it has various short stories, from which every individual can gain something new plus enjoy. This book is basically about women who are entrepreneurs and are moving to different locations to understand life. In that process, they have children along. So they share their experience on how they manage their personal and professional life. It has certain stories which are touching, provokes thoughts and makes one understand that life is not easy but one has to live and survive.

Thus to conclude these are certain books which are amazing and you must read if you plan to relocate. These books help you prepare for the move and ensure that you have enough knowledge related to the moving process.