39 Brilliant Guardians of the Galaxy Fan Art

Guardians of the Galaxy is by far one of the most successful Marvel movies ever made, As of August 6, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy has earned $118 million in North America and $66.4 million in other countries for a worldwide total of $184.4 million. The Marvel movie has inspired many artists to create impressive Guardians of the Galaxy Fan Art.

In today’s post we’ve found 39 Brilliant Guardians of the Galaxy Fan Art, these works feature popular characters like Peter Quill, Gamora, Drax, Groot and Rocket. Ranging from sketches to vector illustrations, the Guardians of the Galaxy fan art are beautifully illustrated with fantastic color schemes and eye catching graphics.

Here are some facts about the Guardians of the Galaxy movie:

Star-Lord’s ship is named after Alyssa Milano
If one thing can be said definitively about Peter Quill, it’s that he is a child of the ’80s. That’s why it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that Peter named his spaceship after his girl crush, Alyssa Milano. Yes, really.

James Gunn wrote the soundtrack into the script
The fact that “Hooked On A Feeling” has been stuck in your head since you’ve seen “Guardians of the Galaxy” is something director James Gunn has been planning since the beginning. He reveals on Twitter that when he was writing the screenplay he “made a list of 500 70’s hits, whittled it to 120 & chose from that. I wrote all songs except 1 into the script.”

The first draft of “Guardians of the Galaxy” revealed Peter Quill’s father
One of the biggest remaining mysteries in “Guardians of the Galaxy” is the identity of Peter Quill’s father. According to /Film, Nicole Perlman actually did have that reveal in the original draft of the script. While there’s a chance the mysterious Papa Quill’s identity could change between versions of the story, chances are that it will remain the same. Spoil yourself at your own risk.

NASA says Peter Quill could survive after being exposed to space
Were you a little suspicious of the fact that Peter Quill (and Gamora, for that matter) survived after being exposed in space for somewhere around a minute? Both Gunn and Badass Digest have explained the science behind those scenes — beyond the fact that, you know, both Peter and Gamora have powers beyond the average human. Gunn says he talked to a NASA scientist when conceptualizing the scene where Quill was unprotected in space, and was told, “The answer is yes, for a short amount of time, if he had oxygen. And, without a mask, if he released all oxygen from his lungs, for a significantly shorter amount of time.” So there you have it, skeptics.

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Guardians of the Galaxy Fan Art

Guardians of the Galaxy Fan Art

Designer: Orlando Arocena

Guardians of the Galaxy Fan Art

Designer: Marie Bergeron


Designer: Julio Lucas

Guardians of the Galaxy Fan Art

Designer: Alan Defibaugh


Designer: Marco Manev


Designer: Simon Delart


Designer: Simon Delart


Designer: Simon Delart


Designer: Simon Delart


Designer: Simon Delart


Designer: Mikee Flores


Designer: Chad Woodward


Designer: Paul Shipper


Designer: Gonzalo El Pinche


Designer: Mauricio Melo


Designer: Mauricio Melo


Designer: Mauricio Melo


Designer: AR Graphic Design


Designer: AR Graphic Design


Designer: AR Graphic Design


Designer: Robert Bruno


Designer: Robert Bruno


Designer: Robert Bruno


Designer: Robert Bruno


Designer: Robert Bruno


Designer: Chris Skinner


Designer: Salvador Anguiano


Designer: Julian Strayhorn II


Designer: Doaly design services


Designer: Karl Tagle


Designer: Kaz Oomori


Designer: Kaz Oomori


Designer: Frederik Bonfranti


Designer: Genzo Creations


Designer: Sean Sims


Designer: Jordan Rhys


Designer: Romain Therasse


Designer: Josue Marin


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Designer: Anthony Petrie

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