About Bulk SMS

In this present era of technology, there are a number of innovative ways through which we can remain in contact with our friends and family members. Bulk SMS is one such technology through which you can convey important information to several members or group in just a few seconds. Now without worrying about exorbitant SMS charges and by following the simple procedure prescribed by an online bulk SMS service provider, you can easily send your message online to any mobile number in India.

Features of the online services of bulk SMS in Allahabad city:-

  • The users can send a message to more than 2lakhs nos.at once at a very nominal rate of 6ps.Most of the companies even offer packages which are beneficiary for small and mid-sized business owners. These business houses can send 10,000 promotional, SMS at Rs.1, 685 and 10,000 transactions SMS flat at Rs. 2,247.This amount varies from one service provider to another, depending on the factors like a number of SMS’s you want to send, normal or premium route preference (also include DND or Do-Not-Disturb)services, etc.
  • The user-interface of these web based bulk SMS service providers is very simple, you have to get registered, sign-in, and send and purchase SMS online as you need. The Excel-Plugin feature allows users to send SMS directly from their excel sheets just by selecting numbers and sending SMS.
  • The tech-savvy users can also install the App in their Android Smartphones which is specifically designed to send bulk SMS and remain in contact with their employees, friends, and family members 24 hrs, 365 days. For integration of bulk SMS services with client’s website, most of the Allahabad bulk SMS service providers offer powerful HTTP API’S/ ERP/CRM/Android Apps to send SMS automatically.
  • There are many benefits of promotional and transactional bulk SMS services which users can avail like; SMS scheduling, no charge on DND numbers list, at one time sending different messages to different numbers, delivery report download in excel and emailing, theft and data protection with two step OTP verification, Six Digit Sender Id is optional, etc.
  • The message gets delivered in 5-10 seconds without any probability of failure in delivery due to busy routes. You can even send automated responses and can also receive missed calls on virtually hosted numbers by the provider of bulk SMS in Allahabad.
  • Online bulk SMS service provider offers their beneficiary services to almost all internet enabled devices like PC’s, laptop, tablets, and in your Smartphones. You can access this service anywhere and at any time. The payment procedure has also been kept simple, where users can pay through net banking, credit card, debit card etc.