Calender Designs is a fantastic niche to get into if you're a graphic designer. Most of us have Calenders either at work or at home, we all enjoy finding calenders that we like and some calender designs standout more then others.

Many of us think of Calender Designs are boring, and they usually are if they only show pictures with very little thought put into them. Sometimes though we find Calenders that are unique and different which makes us pay attention.

Designing your own Calender is a fantastic way to get new clients. If you're a designer like me you're always on the lookout for Calender Designs for inspiration. In this post we've collected over 33 Calender Designs for Inspiration. These Calender Designs have all been designed beautifully with unique ideas and design concepts. I hop this collection of Calender Designs will inspire you! Enjoy!


1. 4 Seasons 

2. School-Calender Vest-College

3. Calender Transformer

4. Calender Freshouse 

5. Consider This

6. Schwarzkopf – Standard calender 2011

7. Mash Creative Ltd Edition Glow In The Dark A1 Calendar

8. Manifesto ‘08 by Mola & Friends

9. Que Calender 2008

10. 2011 Calender

11. Calendar Design

12. Twenty Eleven

13. Discover Discoveries Calendar

14. Calender Design- The Sea Saver

15. Spaceman Calender

16. Nature inside me


18. INNO calendar

19. JoeCity Calender 2011

20. Synoadvertodictionalendar – 2008 

21. Hello 2011: Flip Planner

22. season's collaged calender

 23. KSM/Pixelkaiju calender


25. Type Calender

26. DesertFriends 2010 desktop wallpaper calender

27. Calenders 2007-2009

28. 2008 Type Calender

29. Calendar Designs