Is it legal to put vapes in a suitcase while travelling? Here, you will find the answer to your question; also, for your convenience, this blog has some recommendations to follow to prevent you from any hassle.

Yes, you can take your vaping devices in your carry-on but it is not allowed to vape at the airport or on a flight. Vaping is the breath-in and breath-out of vapors by using devices called “vapes” or E-cigarettes. These devices are of two types: rechargeable and disposable. Before moving on to the question, let’s see what a disposable vape is:

Disposable Kits:

A disposable e-cig is a vape device that does not require any customization, with built-in components. These are ready-to-use devices which are convenient for beginners. Therefore, disposable vapes are widely used nowadays.

A disposable vaporizer comprises a battery, tank, coil, wick, and mouthpiece. Each component is attached for a specific purpose. A battery is integrated to supply current to the coil, which heats the vape juice and produces vapors by the evaporation of e-juice.

There are many brands of disposable vapes in the market. Some top brands are B Careless, Aroma King Vape, Elf Bar, Geek Bar Vape, etc.

Disposable E-cig Is Allowed In Carry-on:

Yes, you can take your disposable kit in your carry-on baggage. It is allowed according to the regulation and policies in the UK. But, you must ensure some conditions and restrictions to take your vapes with you on the plane.

Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Regulation:

CAA allows you to carry vapes in your luggage while travelling but restricts you from vaping on planes or at the airport. It is an organization in the UK that ensures aviation safety, determines airspace policy and pilot licensing, and manages financial and other security issues. It makes certain policies regarding airways and regulates the rules to follow.

Suggestions To Follow To Take Vapes:

As you can take a disposable vape with you, you should follow some restrictions that secure you from any inconvenience. The following are the recommendations for carrying vape devices within planes:

  • Due to the risk of overheating and the potential danger of short circuits, all the vape devices, like a disposable kit, must be in your carry-on baggage.
  • As disposable vaporizers have already installed batteries, so make sure to turn off your vape kit properly.
  • Due to the risk of battery explosion, you must keep your vape in a plastic bag of 1 quart.
  • Although it is allowed to take a disposable vape with you, there is a limited number of devices which you can take with you. For example, 15-20 vape kits of a brand named Elf Bar are allowed on the airplane.
  • There are no separately integrated components in a disposable e-cig, so placing it in carry-on luggage is easier.


As discussed above, this blog is concluded with the statement that it is allowed to bring disposable vapes in your carry-on luggage, but there are some rules and regulations regarding this. Some of the important rules are mentioned in this blog for your safety and security without having any difficulties during travelling.