Car wrapping of the surface of a car is used to transform the appearance and is considered one of the most popular methods of modern tuning. Such changes can be made in order to obtain a number of advantages: the film serves as a protective layer from dirt, dust, and minor mechanical damage in the form of scratches, as well as masking existing coating defects. In addition, it looks very stylish and unusual.

The desire to make your car stand out in a crowd cannot be called something out of the ordinary, because today a huge number of car enthusiasts are trying to make their cars unique and recognizable. And if Lamborghini or Porsches are already recognizable all over the world, then in Dubai such cars are driven everywhere. And in order to attract the gaze of passers-by, they are increasingly resorting to car wraps.

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Advantages of car wrapping

Car wrapping has a number of advantages. It is, most importantly, an inexpensive safe choice for changing your car’s look. There is no need to mess with the paint in any way. It is also a procedure that may be completely undone without worrying about unfavorable outcomes. By choosing the right foil, you may also enhance the varnish’s natural color while keeping it intact. If sometime after applying the foil, traces of use appear on it, you don’t have to worry either. Its renovation is not expensive. The selection of colors and motifs that can be applied to a car with foil is truly huge.

In addition to the aesthetic transformation, this material provides many associated benefits:

  • Allows you to hide minor defects in the car’s coating;
  • Protects the surface from mechanical damage such as scratches, chips, abrasions, etc.;
  • Allows you to preserve the previous layer of paintwork, protecting it from external negative factors;
  • Increases the degree of protection from direct sunlight, rain, snow, and hail;
  • If it is necessary to remove the top film layer, this is done without much effort and risk of damage;
  • You can apply vinyl film to a car in a couple of days (painting will take about 2 weeks);
  • With this conversion, you can change the appearance of the car at your discretion;
  • Compared to painting and restoring the paint layer, pasting is a more budget-friendly option.


However, car wrapping has not only positive characteristics but also negative ones.

  1. In rare cases, applying such a coating leads to damage to the outer layer.
  2. If the quality of the applied paint layer is low, there is a possibility that when the film is removed, part of the previous layer will remain on it.
  3. If the car is partially covered with film (for example, doors, hood, or trunk), then the unprotected parts will fade and discolor when exposed to sunlight and precipitation. After removing the protective film, the shade will be very different.
  4. Film material requires special care. In a car wash, you need to warn the staff that the car has been coated. Otherwise, under the influence of detergents and strong water pressure, the film may peel off.


It is impossible to say for sure whether every car needs a wrap. This process has many positive effects but also has its disadvantages. If you are ready to properly care for your car, then the film will serve you for a long time and will make your car memorable and unique and the process itself, relative to painting a car, will take you less money.