Survival tools are an efficient way to prepare for an uncertain future. You can also use them when having an outdoor adventure involving extreme conditions. While it is possible to buy all the necessary equipment individually, a monthly subscription box can be a more convenient and cost-effective option. They contain most items you would need for your survival plan or trip, and some of them also offer helpful tips and advice.


With a reliable monthly subscription box, you will experience the best outdoors and survive various challenges. It is not a must to use the products in your package immediately. Stocking them up will ensure you are ready for anything that comes your way. Here are some of the best monthly subscription boxes for survivalists and adventure enthusiasts.

1. Crate Club


Some situations call for professional help. The Crate Club monthly subscription box provides you with the supplies and products needed for tactical adventures and emergencies. Each contains different top-value survival gear from various manufacturers used by qualified survivalists. You will never receive sub-par quality products that may not help you during an emergency.


The Crate Club offers four subscription plans, enabling you to choose your perfect survival essentials and a payment cycle and plan you want. You can start with the Lieutenant, which contains self-defense tools, fire starters, and outdoor gear. The Captain option gives you a mix of survival and tactical gear, and the Major only delivers professional equipment. Go for General and receive items used by top of the line experts in the field.


The pricing for Crate Club begins at $49.99. The General box gives you two subscription options – quarterly and annual. The latter gives you a 10% discount for all purchases and free shipping. Also, the content value of products is 200% of the price you pay. Do you want to enjoy the outdoors with a friend or help them during their difficulties?


You can offer them a gift survival monthly subscription box delivered to their address. The present will cost the same as the ordinary box you buy for yourself and contains the same items each month as others. That makes it ideal for people who are struggling to make ends meet.

2. BattlBox


Prepping for unforeseen circumstances requires you to have a variety of supplies. BattlBox monthly subscription provides you with an assortment of items that will help during an emergency. Each package contains different products. That ensures you do not get duplicate items and have a wide range of supplies. Also, you can decide what adventure to engage in after confirming the products in your package.


BattlBox comes with four subscription levels to make your experience better. The Basic package has manuals, emergency supplies, and outdoor gear for survival during tough times. The Advanced package contains unique and exciting products to make your outdoor experience exceptional. The Pro and Pro Plus packages have everything for professionals and those who know what they want.

3. Survival Box


Another company that delivers new and innovative gear monthly is Survival Box. The products in each package are a surprise, so you never know what you will get. That makes the experience more exciting as you wait for your box every month.


The items in the Survival Box vary from medical supplies to emergency food and water. With these items, you will have everything you need to face any challenge outdoors. Each package contains different products, so you do not get duplicates. That prepares you well for a long-term emergency.



Apart from the monthly subscription box, you can purchase a knife box delivering a new one each month. It will be a premium tool you will need for various uses, like preparing food, kit repair, or defense. A survival club opens an avenue to exclusive discounts for their items. All the subscriptions deliver your packages with no extra shipping costs.

4. TacPack


Sometimes, you only need tactical gear to make your outdoor experience more fun. The TacPack monthly subscription box delivers such products to help you during an emergency or extreme sport. The products included will help you stay self-reliant. You will not need emergency services to assist you.


The company delivers professional-grade items in its packages every month. It explains why it will empower you to overcome any adversity or challenge you may face. The monthly subscription costs $49.95, and you get products valued between $100 and $150. That will give you a significant saving, as some products are expensive.


Subscribing at any date marks your next box for delivery the following month. But you can email to confirm if the current month’s package is still available. If you find any, you will receive it and pay on the 22nd for the next one.

5. Apocabox


You may not want a product that ships every month. That would be too much to handle. Also, seasonal postage can take time to deliver what you need. Apocabox sends its survival subscription boxes every other month. That is six packages a year. With that, you have enough time to prepare for the next one.


The survival subscription boxes are always a mystery. The company does not reveal what you will get. That makes it more fun as you wait for it. But you can get a sneak peek of some of the items in the Apocabox Instagram community.


From the pictures on their homepage, you can confirm that the company packs high-quality items in its boxes. They also include snacks, which are a welcome addition. The monthly subscription for the Apocabox costs $50. All your subscription boxes will ship on the 15th of every month.

Summing Up


A monthly subscription box is a hassle-free way to get new gear and products for outdoor adventures. It also enables you to build a personal emergency kit with the necessary tools and supplies. The boxes are a fun way to get new items as they are mostly a mystery. Always ensure that the company you choose delivers quality and value for money. The packages should also have a theme to make your experience more fun.