Family vacations are supposed to be a fun way for the whole family to bond and explore. However, one family happened to learn the hard way that not all family vacations are the same. One family quickly got the scare of a lifetime when a cheetah decided to leap into their safari vehicle. However, the cheetah’s intentions weren’t as predictable as you’d expect.

20. Family Vacation

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Family vacations are a great way for everyone to get together and experience an unforgettable time. However, one family would soon get an experience of a lifetime that almost cost them their lives.

19. African Safari

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For many people, heading out to Africa for an African safari is a great way to experience the wildlife of the continent. On a safari trip, you can engage with all that Africa’s lush lands have to offer from the safety of your vehicle.

18. Fun Trip


One family decided that a safari trip through the Serengeti would be the perfect adventure for them all. So, they packed up their things and headed off for Africa. They couldn’t wait to take in the scenery.

17. National Park

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The day of the safari finally came and the family headed to Serengeti National Park, Tanzania. They were all very excited about the trip and from the start, things seemed to be going well. Then, the unexpected happened.

16. Close Encounters

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Then, something completely unexpected happened. A wild animal in the Serengeti decided he wanted to get up close and personal with the family. However, the family was far from thrilled.

15. Open Field

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As they were driving around in the car, they made a stop near an open field. In that field, the family was observing a pair of cheetahs there. Then, suddenly, one of the cheetahs began to act strangely.

14. Heading Over

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It was apparent that one of the cheetahs was curious about the humans in the vehicle. The cheetah began to casually stride on over as one person in the caravan filmed it. Everyone was immediately taken aback.

13. Leaping In


The family watched as the cheetah continued to progress closer. Then all of a sudden, in an act of true bravery, the cheetah leaped onto the vehicle. It was an incredibly terrifying moment for the tourists!

12. Graceful Creature

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Everyone continued to watch as the cheetah gracefully jumped onto the hood of the vehicle. The cheetah then made its way through the open sunroof of the vehicle. As one would expect, everyone was horrified.

11. Peering Down

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The cheetah then decided to make itself comfy on the vehicle and laid itself down. It began to immediately peer down upon the horrified tourists. Everyone was scared and expected that they would be attacked at any minute.

10. Calming Down


The guide instantly tried to calm the worried family down. “Don’t worry, don’t worry…take a photo,” the guide said to the family on board. The guide then exited the vehicle to see what could be done.

9. Sun Break


It seems that the cheetah wasn’t looking to attack the unsuspecting tourists but instead was looking for a break from the hot African sun. The cheetah made itself comfortable in the shade of the vehicle. The guide then stressed how rare this moment was.

8. Rare Moment

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The guide then stressed to the tourists that this was a very rare moment they would never encounter again. The guide encouraged the tourists to take out their phones and start capturing the moment. “This is a very rare photo. I am telling you the truth.”

7. Photo Time

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Everyone then began to take out their cameras and take photos of the cheetah. Everyone soon realized this cheetah just wanted to take some selfies for social media! There was also some other good news.

6. Bloody Face

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The cheetah’s face was smeared with blood, which may seem scary at first but was actually a good sign. This meant that the cheetah had just eaten and was practically stuffed at this point!

5. Selfie Time


Even though the situation was looking good, the family still remained seated for the experience. Then, thirteen-year-old Leilani decided to bravely stand up and take a selfie with the cheetah.

4. Too Hot

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Eventually, the cheetah began to get too hot sitting in the shade of the vehicle. The cheetah got up and continued on its way into the open field. However, it didn’t leave without saying goodbye first.

3. Goodbye

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As the cheetah continued to walk away into the open field, it made sure not to do so rudely. The cheetah turned its head back to look at the tourists who it had just met. It was an interesting reaction from such a wild animal.

2. Unforgettable

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“Did you see how big his claws were?” asked one man in the vehicle. This was obviously a moment that no one in the family could ever forget, even if they wanted to.

1. Incredible Experience

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The safari vehicle then continued its way through the national park. However, everyone in the vehicle was beyond blown away by what they had just experienced. After all, it’s not every day you get to take a selfie with a cheetah!