Many professionals near retirement age are downsizing from big cities and shifting into smaller homes like cottages in towns. Living in such communities can be an excellent option for people interested in quieter and more peaceful living.

Moreover, lakeside living doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t access big city amenities. For example, the houses for sale in Port Perry Ontario are experiencing a surge in demand because they’re close to a bustling downtown area that boasts the conveniences of a bustling city.

Port Perry real estate is an excellent option, whether you’re interested in a home or a cottage. It’s a scenic town with a deep and impressive history that offers beautiful Victorian-era homes, delightful antique shops, and busy local businesses that attract locals and newcomers alike.

So, what are some other benefits of buying property in cottage country?

#1 Breathtaking Scenery

As mentioned, one of the most significant advantages of moving to a scenic town is the environment. Most people are usually blown away by the natural beauty of a small North American town. From the sprawling farmlands to the rolling hills and beautiful water, there’s lots of captivating scenery to explore. For example, Lake Scugog offers plenty of opportunities for excursions, such as boating, canoeing, and fishing. One can also explore beautiful local parks.

#2 Relaxed Pace

The pace of such towns is usually more relaxed than cities. There’s no rush to complete tasks, and residents feel more at ease. It’s also safer to go for walks at different times of the day and enjoy fresh air on the winding country road or in beautiful parks.

#3 Outdoor Activities

In addition to boating, fishing, and other water activities, residents can enjoy hiking, cycling, and other outdoor activities. Going for a picnic outdoors in the middle of mother nature under the untainted blue skies is a wonderful experience too.

#4 Warm Community

The community in cottage country is usually friendly, warm, and welcoming. Whether you need a favor or just some advice, you can turn to your neighbor for help. It’s easier to make connections in a town where people live a stress-free life.

#5 Fresh Food

Food in cottage country can be healthier with easy access to farmer marketplaces and small grocery stores that get goods directly from local farms. Untouched by the pollution of a large city, the food and water in cottage country taste fresh.

#6 Raising a Family

Many parents who wish to raise their children in a strong community move to cottage country. Here, children learn valuable lessons about the natural world and can enjoy old-fashioned values untouched by modern technology. For example, instead of playing with devices all day, they can go for a swim in the lake or a bike ride on the country road with friends.

#7 Rental Opportunities

When you’re not living in the property you buy in cottage country, you can put it up for rent. Vacationers pay good money to stay in a picturesque cottage for a few weeks. The extra income will help offset your cost of ownership.

From the breathtaking scenery to the slower pace of life, there are many reasons why people are drawn to more scenic locations. Whether you’re looking for a place to settle down, a welcoming place to raise a family, or just somewhere to unwind, cottage country is a wonderful choice.